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Super Fun 21 truly lives up to its name. This variation of standard blackjack is one of the craziest ones to be found, with an amazing number of ways to win that add an element of fun to the game. It you want to take a break from standard blackjack and try your hand at something that is very fun to play, Super Fun 21 is the game for you.

Howard Grossman created and patented Super Fun 21 in 1999 and the game was an immediate hit with blackjack players. It is still primarily found in Las Vegas casinos but can be found in more and more casinos with every passing year. It has even begun to show up in online casinos.

A bonus structure figures prominently in Super Fun 21. This is a common element found in many standard blackjack variations as gaming companies look to attract new players to the game of blackjack.

The Basics Of Super Fun 21

Before we look at the unique aspects of Super Fun 21 we want to identify the ways in which it is similar to regular blackjack.

Super Fun 21 is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The game can use anywhere from one to eight decks depending on the rules of the casino. Aces in the game are valued at either 1 or 11, face cards are valued at 10, and all other cards are assigned face value. The goal, as it is in standard blackjack, is to come as close to 21 as possible without going over and beating the total of the dealer. The dealer represents the house and players play only against the dealer.

The difference between Super Fun 21 and standard blackjack largely revolves around the bonus payouts give for specific hands. The player also wins automatically if their hand contains six cards with a total of 20 or less. In addition to this, a player blackjack always beats a dealer blackjack. A blackjack in diamonds pays the player 2-1. A total of 21 with five cards are more is also paid at 2-1.

These extras seem like they would really increase the player’s edge in Super Fun 21. As we all know, however, the casino implements other rule changes which are designed to help them retain their edge. One of these is that a natural blackjack is paid off at odds of even money. The dealer is also forced to hit a soft 17.

How Super Fun 21 Is Dealt

Players begin by making the minimum bet required. Once all the bets have been placed, the dealer deals the cards beginning with the player on his immediate left and continues around the table in a clockwise manner.

All players in Super Fun 21 receive two cards face up. The dealer is always the last to receive cards in a betting round. The dealer receives one face up card and one card that remains hidden. If the dealer’s visible card (his up card) is an ace, players are offered the opportunity to take insurance.

Player Options In Super Fun 21

If the dealer does not have a blackjack, all players may act on their hands by exercising one of the following options:

  • Players may stand on any total.
  • Player s may hit any total of 20 or less.
  • Players may split any pair, including aces, multiple times up to four hands. Split aces can be doubled down and even hit in Super Fun 21.
  • Players may double down ANY original two-card total.
  • Players may surrender their hand and recoup half of their original wager.

In addition to the above, Super Fun 21 also offers something known as the Double Down Rescue. If a player doubles down their hand and is not happy with the additional card they receive, the player may choose to surrender half of their doubled bet and rescue the other half.

These liberal rules make Super Fun 21 very popular, especially for the beginner.

Dealer Options In Super Fun 21

As a rule, the Super Fun 21 dealer is bound by the same rules which bind the dealer in standard blackjack, with one important difference.

The dealer must hit any total of 16 or less. In addition, the dealer must also hit what is known as a soft 17. The dealer stands on any hard total of 17 or greater.

A player should be fully aware that having the dealer hit a soft 17 increases the house’s edge significantly. A soft 17 cannot be busted by the dealer. The dealer can only improve the hand by taking a hit. This is the casino’s way of giving the dealer a free card, and sometimes that free card can make all of the difference between a player collecting a payoff or losing their bet to the house.

Super Fun 21 Bj At Online Casinos

At CountingEdge.com apart from the card counting methods explained i also list blackjack variations such as Super fun 21. The game can be played at some online casinos and the blackjack bonuses a player receives vary. It is mainly a game found offline.

You will find very few online casinos listed on this site and i encourage you to check them out! They offer free play and real play games. You can play for free all you want and get some good practice! or you can check my free blackjack game here at countingedge.com!

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