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Double Blackjack, or what is more commonly known as Double Attack Blackjack, is one of the newest blackjack variants to be found. Double Blackjack has recently made its appearance in online casinos, but the game began in the casinos of Atlantic City. As recently as 2010, Double Blackjack had begun to show up in the Las Vegas casinos as well.

The game of Double Blackjack can technically be called a variant of a variant. Double Blackjack is actually based upon many of the rules of Spanish 21, one of the most popular blackjack variants around. Those who enjoy Spanish 21 will find Double Blackjack to be an exciting version of the game which adds in several new twists and turns.

Like many of the newer blackjack variants in existence, Double Blackjack introduces the aspect of a side bet which can be very profitable but very hard to hit. Side bets in Double Blackjack are designed to appeal to the gambler and are not always in the best interest of the player.

The Basics Of Double Blackjack

To understand Double Blackjack it is best to consider the standard rules of the game as found in most casinos. These rules can vary slightly from casino to casino, but the following rules are typically used to govern the game:

Double Blackjack uses eight 48-card “Spanish” decks which are combined and dealt from a shoe. All the ten-value cards have been removed from these decks.

The dealer always stands on a soft 17 in Double Blackjack, thereby reducing the player’s overall edge.

Players may double down after splitting.

Pairs may be split to three or four hands, except for aces which can only be split once.

Split aces receive only one additional card.

A blackjack by the player pays even money, or 1-1.

A player may double down or surrender AT ANY TIME.

The first card dealt is the dealer’s up card, after which all players are given the option to make the Double Blackjack, or Double Attack, bet which doubles their initial wager.

How Double Blackjack Is Dealt

The game of Double Blackjack is dealt in the same manner as regular blackjack with one very notable difference. In Double Blackjack the dealer is the first to receive a card and this card is dealt face up. After this first card is dealt all players have the option of doubling their original wager. This is the Double Blackjack, or Double Attack, bet.

After players have exercised their option on the Double Blackjack bet, the remaining cards are dealt in the way found in standard blackjack, beginning with the player on the dealer’s immediate left and continuing around the table.

Player Options In Double Blackjack

A player of Double Blackjack has all of the same options found in standard blackjack. The player can hit, stand, split and so forth. The difference is that the player may choose to double their original wager or surrender their hand at any point in the game.

For a savvy player who has card counting expertise and a good command of basic blackjack strategy, this can be a powerful advantage.

Dealer Options In Double Blackjack

After all the players have acted on their hands the dealer must then exercise the options available to them as governed by the rules of the game. A dealer is required to hit any total of 16 or less, and is also required to hit a soft 17. The dealer must stand on a hard 17 and any total of 18 or above.

Having the dealer hit a soft 17 is included to offset the player’s edge which comes from being able to double down at any point in the game. Whenever a dealer is allowed to hit a soft 17 the average winning hand in a game of blackjack increases to almost 19 and the edge for the player is reduced by a significant percentage.

The Double Blackjack Side Bet

In Double Blackjack players are allowed to make a side bet prior to the start of any hand of play. This side bet is often called “Bust It” and is won when the dealer busts, or exceeds a total of 21.

The payouts for the Double Blackjack side bet can vary from casino to casino, but here are some standard examples:

Dealer has a suited 8-8-8 pays 200-1

Dealer has a rainbow (colored) 8-8-8 pays 50-1

Dealer busts with a 6 pays 15-1

Dealer busts with a 7 pays 10-1

Dealer busts with an 8 pays 8-1

Dealer busts with a 9 pays 6-1

Side bets are a fun addition to any game of blackjack, but the smart blackjack player must only choose to exercise them when the odds are in their favor. This means understanding and applying a running count. Making a side bet as a general rule is not good strategy.

Double Bj At Online Casinos

At CountingEdge.com I list very few online casinos and you can rest assured that they are very trustworthy and safe gaming sites to play double BJ at for free or for real money if you so decide. When playing blackjack at online casinos, you will be given different casino bonuses and that is something you will not experience often at a landbased casino. You can enjoy casino games from your iphone, ipad, android device or a laptop/desktop. One thing you should do before you begin, is understand blackjack money management! You can read the Casino Max review, Miami Club review , High Country casino review, Cherry Jackpot casino review, or Roaring 21 casino review to name a few.

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