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Are you a video game fan? If so you have probably heard of the Red Dead Redemption video game franchise.

Blackjack players will enjoy the latest version of the game. In Red Dead Redemption 2 you can actually play a game of blackjack as a character in the video game. Here’s a closer look at RDR2 blackjack and where to play blackjack in RDR2.


About Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR2 is a video game that is classified as a first-person shooter. It is set in the old west. Players step into the role of Arthur Morgan, a member of an outlaw gang. Morgan must survive many hardships and violent encounters as he tries to break free of his fellow gang members and start a new life of his own.

RDR2 is the second installment in the franchise, and it has gained many popular reviews. The game was among the top-selling video games in 2018. It is available on all major gaming consoles, including the Xbox One and PS4.

There are many elements of the gameplay in RDR2 that make the game exciting. We’re going to focus on a part of the game that our readers will enjoy. It is possible to play authentic blackjack in RDR2. You can use the game to build up funds for your character, but be careful. You just might wind up in the middle of an old west shootout.

RDR2 Blackjack

Virtual blackjack in the RDR2 game is just like the blackjack games that you are familiar with. Your character in the game will find blackjack offered in many saloons in the game. We’ll look at all the different locations in just a bit. Once you have found a game you will take a seat at the table, just like you would in an online casino.

Rdr2 Blackjack

There will be a dealer who deals the game, and you are playing against the house. All the rules of the game are the same as they are in a live casino. You are dealt two cards to begin. You then have the opportunity to act on those hands in a number of ways. In RDR2 blackjack you can stand or hit, double down, and split. There is no surrender option for players. There is also no insurance option.

To win, you need to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. If you bust, the game is over and you lose the hand. Either way Red Dead Redemption 2 Blackjack, is enjoyable.

To make bets in RDR2 you will use the currency that your character has in the game. You can actually use RDR2 blackjack to build up your reserve of money. The money that you earn in the game can be traded for weapons or other items that you need for your journey. When you are ready to cash out your blackjack winnings, just get up from the table and leave the game.

Where to Play Blackjack in RDR2

The RDR2 Blackjack game is only available in certain areas. There are four places that you can play the game. These are the Rhodes Saloon, Blackwater Saloon, Van Horn Trading Post, and in your own camp. The blackjack games that appear in your camp only do so occasionally. You can’t always count on them. The other games are always available.

The best place to play is probably one of the saloons. You can sit there for as long as you like, building up your bankroll. Just remember, always keep an eye on your character in RDR2. Someone might be looking to steal your winnings from the blackjack table. They might also be eager to accuse you of cheating! Watch your back when playing RDR2 blackjack.

RDR2 Blackjack Vs. Online Casino Blackjack

Here is something that you might want to give some additional thought. The game of blackjack as found in RDR2 is very similar to the online casino version of blackjack. Why not play at an online casino instead where you can make real money?

In RDR2 blackjack all you can win are credits that can be used in the video game. This is cool if you are a frequent gamer and need the virtual cash to obtain your equipment. In online casino blackjack you can get the same experience. The difference is that you will be putting the money that you win into your pocket.

Playing blackjack online for real money is just like playing in the RDR2 saloons. The rules are exactly the same. You can hit, stand, double, or split. When you play online blackjack for real you can also take insurance, and sometimes you can can surrender.

Using RDR2 Blackjack to Practice

A good way to make use of the blackjack game in RDR2 is to use it to practice your blackjack skills. You can sit for hours and play for free, all the while training yourself on the use of basic blackjack strategy. But what if you don’t own a gaming console or a copy of the game? How can you practice blackjack for free?

The answer is one of our recommended online casinos! All you need is a casino account which is free to open. Many of the online casinos we suggest also have free versions of their games. You can choose a free version of blackjack, grab a blackjack cheat sheet, and improve your game. If you do happen to be someone that plays RDR2 blackjack, the skills you learn in an online casino will also help you in the game.

Are you ready to try out one of our favorite online blackjack casinos? Sign up now and you can receive a welcome bonus that includes free cash to play all the games in the casino (Some offer a no deposit bonus). You can play blackjack on a computer, phone, or tablet when you sign up today. You will get the same fun or playing a video game, but you’ll be winning real money.

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