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Blackjack and pizza might be two things you don’t think have a lot in common. One restaurant in Colorado has adopted the game of blackjack as the inspiration for its name. Blackjack Pizza is a popular pizza delivery chain based in Colorado that has been serving individuals for more than 30 years. Once you have worked up an appetite winning lots of money playing blackjack at your favorite online casino, the perfect way to relax is a tasty pizza.

About Blackjack Pizza

Back in 1983, Vince Schmuhl noticed something about pizza delivery in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Schmuhl was working for Domino’s Pizza at the time and observed that the company pretty much had a lock on business. There weren’t many options when it came to ordering a pizza and having it delivered. As you can imagine, Colorado includes a lot of remote areas in addition to large cities and suburbs.

Schmuhl decided to establish Blackjack Pizza and went head to head with Domino’s. The idea was a success. Since 1983, Blackjack Pizza has been growing in popularity each and every year. They serve up a full menu of delicious pizzas with all manner of toppings.

No one really knows why Vince Schmuhl decided to name his new business Blackjack Pizza. Was it perhaps because he likes the game? Or was it meant to reflect how his business needed to overcome the odds to beat the mighty Domino’s. Only Schmuhl knows for certain. What we know at Counting Edge is that the name is appropriate because pizza is a great food to enjoy while playing blackjack.

If you are looking for “blackjack pizza near me” You should head over to this page . They are available in

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  • Colorado Springs
  • Arizona
  • Wyoming
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For the blackjack pizza menu it is best to check their website as the menu may change from time to time. You can also get a hold of the blackjack pizza coupons on their site. They have a feature in their website menu to easily print them and later use them.

Pizza and Blackjack

In a live casino, eating at the blackjack table is usually forbidden. This goes for pizza and any other type of food. Players could easily drop the toppings from their pizza on to the cards. That would require the casino to change out all of the decks in the shoe.

Still, pizza is a great food to eat while playing live blackjack for money because you can eat it quickly. You can step away from the table for a few hands, wolf down a couple of slices of pizza, and be back to playing the game in less than fifteen minutes. Many grills and concession areas in major casinos sell pizza slices on their menu because it is a quick snack. The casino is smart. They don’t want you to spend a lot of time eating in the restaurant. They want you back at the blackjack tables.

An even better option is eating pizza when playing blackjack online. You don’t have to worry about a pit boss coming by your computer to tell you to put that pizza away. When you are playing blackjack from the comfort of your own home you get to make all the rules.

It only takes one hand to click the buttons to hit or stand, or double down your blackjack hand. That leaves a free hand for pizza! You can also eat it right there at the computer without having to use the dinner table like you would for a full meal.

Another thing that blackjack and pizza have in common is that you can access both of them online. Most pizza delivery places today have websites where you can order your favorite pizza with just a few clicks. You can just open a new window while you are playing blackjack, pick the toppings for your pizza, and wait for the food to arrive.

Finally, pizza and blackjack both have a European origin. Okay, we admit that we are stretching it just a little bit there, but it’s true. Blackjack and many other card games evolved from the Italian tarot. Italy, of course, is known for being a home of pizza.

At Counting Edge we would like to know what some of your favorite food choices are when playing blackjack. Please leave us a comment and share your favorite blackjack food.

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