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Playing blackjack online for real money can be fun and profitable. You might be thinking that playing the same gambling game day after day would become boring. Blackjack is never dull because many online casinos offer variations of the game. The games put a twist on the regular game of blackjack, and some of them even offer you the chance to win side bets. Let’s take a look at the top 5 online blackjack variations.

1 – Progressive Blackjack

Everyone knows that slot machines are the most popular games in the casino overall. Blackjack is the most popular table game. Imagine what would happen if you combined the large jackpots of slot machines with the thrill of blackjack. That is exactly what Progressive Blackjack does. It gives players a chance to win very large sums of money on a single hand.

A typical slot machine progressive jackpot works like this. A specific set of symbols must occur for the player to hit the jackpot. The symbols occur rarely. On each spin that the jackpot is not won the total amount of the award grows. This progressive building of the jackpot is due to portions of each bet being withheld and added to the pool.

The same thing essentially happens in progressive blackjack. The pot keeps building until a player is dealt a certain hand. Sometimes the requirement can even include the dealer’s hand. For example, to win the jackpot the dealer must show an ace and the player must be dealt the AQ of diamonds. A side bet to qualify for the jackpot is also required.

In all other respects the game of Progressive Blackjack is played just like regular blackjack and the same rules apply.

2 – Blackjack Switch

This was among the first of the modern variations created for both offline and online blackjack. It was patented by game designer Geoff Hall in 2009 and began to appear immediately in gaming venues. This is a variation that is tempting to the player because it appears to give the player and extra edge. In reality, it is a great game for the house.

In Blackjack Switch everything is the same as regular blackjack with one crucial difference. The player is dealt two hands to start instead of one. A separate wager must be placed on each hand. Right away the house is asking you to play two hands instead of one. To get you to do that they must give up something appealing in return. In this case, you have the opportunity to switch cards from your hands.

The top card of each two card hand that you are dealt can be exchanged with the top card of the other hand. So, if you are dealt 10-6 on one hand and 10-4 on the other you can switch the 10 cards. This would give you a hand of 6-4 and a hand of 10-10. Very nice, indeed!

What many players fail to realize with Blackjack Switch is that they gain little edge by simply being able to switch the cards. They are actually risking more than they would at regular blackjack because they are playing two hands. Each hand is still subject to the house edge of regular blackjack once the cards have been switched or left as is. You could find much better blackjack variations online if you looked, but if this is a game that you think you would want to play then by all means check it out when you play blackjack online.

3 – Double Exposure Blackjack

Being able to see both of the dealer’s cards before you act on your own hand at blackjack would be a huge advantage, right? Yes, it would. That’s why the casino makes a few adjustments to the game of Double Exposure Blackjack. In this version of the game the dealer’s cards are both dealt face up.

Once the players have received their cards play begins as it would in any normal blackjack game. Players can hit, stand, double, and split. There is no insurance offered and in some cases doubling and splitting may be restricted.

The main way that the casino offsets the advantage of the game to the player is by lowering the payout for a natural blackjack. Instead of being paid 3/2 on your wager, you will be paid even money. This make a bigger difference than you might think.

4 – Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is one of the oldest blackjack variations in existence. Many years after it was introduced the game still remains popular today in both live and online casinos. There are several notable rule changes in Spanish 21.

To begin, the game uses decks of cards with all the 10’s removed. These four cards are not included but the K, Q, and J remain. The cards are dealt and players can act on their hands as they would in regular blackjack. Hitting and standing is allowed as are doubles and splits, but the latter may be subjected to special restrictions. Insurance is only paid at odds of 2-1, giving the house a whopping 24% edge since the tens are taken out.

The attraction of Spanish 21 is in the bonuses that are paid for certain hands. Players always win when they have a 21. There is no push if the dealer also has 21. If a player makes that 21 in a certain way, the bonus payouts kick in. One such bonus is paid for a five-card total of 21. In this case the player is paid 3-2. There is also a super bonus paid when the player holds 7-7-7 and the dealer is dealt a 7. Sometimes there is also a side bet offered to players.

5 – Triple Sevens Blackjack

We conclude out list of top blackjack variations with a game that is gaining popularity. Triple Sevens Blackjack incorporates aspects of the legendary Triple Sevens slot machine to give players a chance at winning a very large progressive jackpot.

The basic game is played just like the regular game of blackjack, but player can hit the progressive jackpot when certain conditions are met. These can be getting dealt 7s of a specific suit with the dealer showing the same 7. The jackpot grows with each hand that is not won. In some live casinos the jackpot has grown to almost $1,000,000.

Are you ready to try some of these blackjack variations? You can when you create an account with one of our recommended online casinos. You could even get a matching bonus on your first deposit. You can read the Miami Club casino review , High Country casino review, or Roaring 21 review to name a few.

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