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Everyone knows that the blackjack players who spend big money at the casino are treated very well. But did you know there is a big difference between how high rollers at different games are rewarded?

Since blackjack does not offer as much advantage for the casino as slot machines or other games, it is harder to earn comps these days as a blackjack player. Some individuals may discover that an online casino is a better option if you want to be treated like a high roller.

Live Blackjack Comps

Many years ago players in Las Vegas were treated like royalty if they spent big money. Free meals and hotel suites were the norm. Of course, the casinos had no problem giving things away because they knew the players would lose money to the house.

If you were a high roller back in those days, the pit bosses and supervisors knew you by sight. If you spent a lot money they would even know you by name. A regular at the blackjack table could walk in, sign a marker for chips, and gamble all night.

Today, things are different. Blackjack players in the live casino get rated by pit bosses. The rating is affected by many factors such as time played, average bet, and other variables. What has really hurt blackjack players where comps are concerned is the advent of the rewards card.

Live Casino Rewards Cards

Sometime in the 80’s, casinos began to use a player’s card to track casino play. These cards are encoded with player information and can be inserted into a slot machine or scanned by a blackjack pit boss.

The problem is that player cards were designed with slot machine players in mind. For every dollar that goes through a slot machine, players earn points which can be redeemed for meals, rooms, and other perks. It takes a lot of coin in to earn points. For example, some casinos grant one point per ten dollars in. So, to earn 200 points you need to pass $2,000 through the machine. This also includes winnings you play back. The reward for 200 points can be as low as $5!

Here’s the rub. A slot machine player can earn many more points in an hour of play than a blackjack player can. It takes a $5 blackjack bettor an hour to earn as little as 2 or 3 points in a live casino.

There is a better way to earn comps playing your favorite game. It’s called online blackjack.

Benefits of Online Blackjack

For starters, most online casinos will give you free money just for opening an account. You can use your blackjack casino bonus money for blackjack or any of the other games you like.

Online casinos also offer free blackjack tournaments that let you win real money. All you need to do is sign up and play. The same can be said for slot tournaments.

Some online casinos also offer rebates or cash back. You just have to search out the best deals.

The great thing is that there are no player cards to fuss with and everyone is treated pretty much the same. You’ll earn rewards and bonuses quicker, of course, if you spend more, but tournaments and other promotions are often free to all.

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