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You may be familiar with a popular Internet meme from a few years ago that references blackjack and hookers. It was very popular three or four years ago and was used whenever someone wanted to reference their displeasure with being excluded from a certain place or activity. What you may not know is how the meme came to be invented and how it reflects general perceptions about the gambling lifestyle.

Origins of the Blackjack and Hookers Meme

The popular television show Futurama is responsible for the blackjack and hookers reference. Futurama aired on the FOX television network from 1999-2013 for 124 episodes. One of the popular characters from the show was Bender, a robot who is unceremoniously kicked off a lunar theme park in the second episode. In response, Bender says, “Fine. I’m gonna make my own theme park with blackjack and hookers!”

This saying ultimately became a popular meme. A meme is a captioned picture shared on the Internet. Most often these graphics display characters from popular television shows or movies. Sometimes they can be of a random person who was photographed in a compromising situation. There are several meme generators which permit individuals to create their own funny captions. It has even become quite a game to see who can devise the most popular meme.

Bender’s frustration resonated with people who have faced exclusion. It also has an underlying assertion that things like blackjack and hookers are more fun than other lame amusements. What is curious about this particular meme is that it offers some nice insight into the way Las Vegas has changed since it became America’s gambling mecca.

The Evolution of Sin City

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the United States. For years the city represented everything decadent and naughty. That’s why it was given the name Sin City. From gambling to legalized prostitution and medical marijuana, pretty much anything goes in Nevada. These are things the general public associates with vices. There is something naughty about playing blackjack in the casino or visiting the brothels which rest just outside of town.

The Las Vegas Strip is one of the most famous pieces of real estate in America. For years it signified everything naughty about the city. Gambling. Clubs. Showgirls. This all began to change in the 1990’s when Las Vegas realized that it was missing out on the family vacation market. The city started to boast new hotels which catered as much to families as they did to gamblers.

Amusement parks were built on the casino properties. Zip lines were added over Fremont Street. The city took on the appearance of a big carnival with sections that were devoted to young people and sections that were reserved for adults. As a result, the tourist trade in Las Vegas skyrocketed.

We’re pretty sure Bender would not have been kicked out of Las Vegas, and that he would have been able to experience theme parks, blackjack, and hookers if that were his choice.

Is Blackjack a Vice?

Maybe blackjack is a vice as are other gambling games. Gambling can certainly become an addiction for some people. But what we think Bender was getting at in his famous statement was that blackjack is fun.

It is exciting to sit down at a live blackjack table or even to play blackjack online. The prospect of winning some money while playing an entertaining game is appealing. Now, we’re not going to get into the subject of hookers! We want to keep Counting Edge suitable for a wide range of readers.

Today, you can pretty much do exactly what Bender stated. If you don’t like the vibe of your local live casino, you can opt to play blackjack online. The advantages of doing this is that you get to make the own rules in your own home. You can’t ever feel excluded when you play blackjack online.

Why not take some time right now and create an account with a Counting Edge recommended online casino? It only takes a few minutes and you can be playing blackjack with your computer, iphone, android, or tablet immediately. You can also receive welcome bonuses for signing up that you can use to wager on all of your favorite casino games.

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