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If you like to play blackjack in a live casino, learning how to control the table is beneficial. There are many aspects of live blackjack play that can be adjusted or controlled by the player. Sometimes those adjustments make the difference between a winning and a losing session. Of course, you could choose to play online blackjack where the table is always guided by your actions.

What is Table Control in Blackjack?

To control the blackjack table means that you are dictating the terms of the game. You determine the speed at which the game is played and your strategy decisions can often influence the outcome of the dealer’s hand.

Those who like to establish dominance in a game of live blackjack can usually be found in either the First Base or Third Base seats. These players are the first and last to act on their hand before the dealer is forced to act on his. Third Base is especially important for a control player. Based on what this player has observed taking place before him, his card counting and basic strategy advantages are enhanced.

The one variable of the game which can be controlled the most by the player is speed. Blackjack can be a very fast game, but the experienced player can slow down the pace somewhat in order to maintain a count and make fewer mistakes.

Live casinos in places such as las vegas do not particularly like the slow player. The more hands dealt per hour, the greater the casino’s profit. It is in their interest to keep a game moving quickly. Blackjack will never be a fast game like Craps, but hundreds of hands can be dealt in a hour by a skilled blackjack dealer who keeps the table moving.

Table control also means offsetting the bad strategy of other players. That isn’t always something you can do. Some players are at the blackjack table for no other reason than gambling. They have no interest in card counting or basic blackjack strategy. These players approach the game of 21 like playing a slot machine. They make their bet, wait for the cards to be dealt, and hope for the best. They do wretched things like splitting 10’s, often causing the entire table to lose when the blackjack dealer draws out.

Countering these players can sometimes mean making a deviation from basic strategy or even offering a polite suggestion. When this doesn’t work, the master of table control may resort to more devious methods in order to get a player to leave the table. Counting Edge does not recommend tactics such as blowing cigarette smoke directly toward a non-smoking player in order to make them leave, but this kind of thing happens in the live casino.

Head-To-Head Blackjack is Best

The player who wants to dominate all the decisions that are made at the table will find playing head-to-head attractive. To play head-to-head means that you are only playing against the dealer and no other players. This rarely happens on the weekends and evenings in a live casino. If you like to play head-to-head, or straight up, early mornings during the week are your best bet.

The advantage of playing head-to-head blackjack is that you will not be affected by the poor play of others. You can also control the speed of the game to your advantage more easily. When the deck is in your favor you can play quickly, getting in more hands while the deck is hot.

Counting cards is much easier when playing head-to-head because you only need to track your own hand and the dealer’s hand. You don’t have to factor in the hands of four or five other players.

Controlling the Table in Online Blackjack

We should begin by saying that some online casinos are now using live dealers on a limited basis. If you choose to play this form of online blackjack, you will encounter the same difficulties in table control that you will in a live game. If you play the standard form of online blackjack, however, you automatically have ultimate control.

The reason for this is that you’re the only player at the table, making it the same as head-to-head play. When you log in to your favorite online casino and start the blackjack game, you’ll see a graphic that resembles a standard blackjack table. There will be buttons for you to tap or click in order to place your bet or act on your hand. There are usually multiple spots for you to bet, so you can play two or three hands at a time if you like.

When you play online blackjack you don’t have to worry about another player making mistakes that cause you to lose a hand. Of course, that means you only have yourself to blame if the use of poor strategy causes you to lose a hand.

To evaluate the difference between controlling the table in live blackjack versus doing it online, why not register an account with an online casino recommended by Counting Edge? You can receive welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses that will give you free money to play blackjack. Use that free money to determine which version of the game you prefer and note the differences in table control.

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