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When you play in a live casino have you ever wondered, do blackjack dealers count cards? The answer may surprise you. It’s a complex question, but the answer may affect how you play blackjack. Here’s a closer look at dealers who count cards and what that means for you.

Blackjack Dealers and Card Counting

First we have to agree that some blackjack dealers also like to play the game. Can you remember the first time you saw a favorite dealer sitting at a blackjack table in another casino? Many players can. For those who play seriously, card counting is a technique that they are usually familiar with.

When blackjack dealers are trained to deal the game, they are usually introduced to the basics of card counting. It is not a part of their training to receive detailed instructions in counting methods. The casinos could not afford to do this. Basically, the casinos just want a dealer to be able to spot a card counter and alert the pit bosses.

Some dealers learn the specifics of card counting on their own time because they want to become better at the game. Maybe some of them think that being able to spot a counter will gain them some points with the casino. No matter the reason, a card counting blackjack dealer can be a problem for you in some cases if you also use counting to lower the house edge.

If a dealer suspects that you are counting cards, they may notify their bosses. That will put attention on you and you may be marked as an advantage player. The measures taken by the casino from there can vary according to the establishment.

Most Dealers Do Not Count Cards While Dealing

One thing that we can say with reasonable certainty is that the majority of blackjack dealers do not count while working. The truth is that their attention is needed on the game. If they make a mistake with a player’s hand because they are not paying attention, the casino could lose money.

Just because they are not counting while dealing does not mean they aren’t spotting advantage play. This is why it is important for you to disguise your own counting whenever you play live. This can mean making plays that contradict basic strategy, or it can mean going for long stretches with flat betting.

What Advantages Can a Dealer Gain From Counting Cards?

The dealer who plays blackjack as a serious enterprise can gain an advantage from counting just like any other player. The difference is that the dealer may also have a better grasp of basic blackjack strategy and money management because they deal the game each week. Familiarity and practice can give them an edge that you don’t have.

Who can blame a blackjack dealer that wants to count cards and make some extra money at the casino? These dealers are paid well in many big casinos, but in some places they struggle to make ends meet. Most dealers depend upon tips to make a living. When that doesn’t pan out, the dealer may decide to start playing the game that they know best.

Avoiding Card Counting Blackjack Dealers

The idea of a blackjack dealer that counts cards may bother you a little. Worrying about it too much is senseless. If you are one of those individuals who just can’t get past a dealer who may be counting cards, we would suggest that you play blackjack online. You can eliminate the dealer altogether.

When you play virtual blackjack the online casino uses software to simulate the actions of a live dealer. There are some online casinos that now offer live dealer games, but virtual blackjack is still the norm. Virtual games are why card counting is difficult to do online. Each game begins with a fresh deck of 52 cards.

What should you do if you suspect a dealer in a live casino is counting cards? You can get up and move to another table. That is pretty much your only option. Many players believe that their mental outlook has something to do with the outcome of the game. If you are one of these players, by all means find a place where you are more comfortable.

Would you like to learn more about playing blackjack for profit and the art of counting cards? An account with one of our recommended online casinos is a great way to practice your skills. You can play for as little as $1 per hand, right from the comfort of your own home. Some online casinos will also give you a blackjack bonus when you make your first deposit.

You can play blackjack from home with your computer, phone, or tablet. Consider the no deposit bonus, and casino reload bonuses and do read the casino reviews such as Casino Max, Sun Palace Casino, High Country, Cherry Jackpot and lucky red casino to name a few.


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