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Sometimes people inquire about the salary of a professional blackjack player. We like to provide helpful information to anyone that is considering a career in this field. You might be surprised to discover that many blackjack professionals have a lower income than some people in other fields. While it is possible to make millions, most professionals are content to earn a modest living doing what they love to do.

Realistic Expectations for Professional Blackjack Players

Those who decide to travel down the road of a professional career in blackjack are usually more successful when they enter the business with realistic expectations. Earning millions is not going to happen with the exception of rare cases. It would be nice if we had the potential to become wealthy celebrities from blackjack.

We have become conditioned to seeing professional card players earn million dollar paydays in the televised professional tournaments. First off, there are few of these tournaments to be had. Second, winning a tournament is just as much luck as it is skill. No professional gambler will tell you that they depend upon luck to make a living.

So, what then would be the most reasonable expectation? That depend on the blackjack professional and what they need to earn to get by. A realistic salary for a professional blackjack player would be one that pays his or her bills and provides a surplus to save for emergencies and unexpected occurrences.

The $100 Per Day Blackjack Professional

As an example of the above, we often think about Bud. Bud was a blackjack professional known to a member of our staff. Bud is long gone now, but he was able to pass on a lot of helpful information before he passed away.

Bud was once asked the secret to being a professional blackjack player in Las Vegas. He had done exactly that thing in his younger days. Bud replied without any hesitation that the professional blackjack player had to hate money. On the surface this sounds like crazy advice. After all, the whole point of playing blackjack for a living is to make money. Lots of it.

But Bud’s point was clear. It is greed, or the excessive love of money, that destroys most gamblers who want to play professionally. Our old gambler friend told us that professional gamblers have to know how much money they need to make on a daily basis. When they have made that money, it is time to go home. Some gamblers have a hard time walking away, and they wind up losing.

In Bud’s day, his requirement was a meager $100 per day. Just $700 per week. That’s about $2,800 per month. For many people today, this would not be a very good living. This is especially true for players in America. Your amount may be higher. But you cannot understand the salary of a professional blackjack player until you know what your number is.

Can You Make $50,000 Per Year Playing Blackjack?

There are plenty of professional blackjack players who would consider $50,000 per year to be a reasonable salary. This would allow for a decent living in many cases. Of course, one also has to factor in whether or not the player has a family who depends on them to make an income.

It is common to see many professional gamblers who are single. There is a reason for this. Gambling for a living can take a hard toll on a family life. It is also less expensive for the single person to survive. They may also have an easier time figuring out how much money they need to make.

As far as an average salary of a professional blackjack player goes, it can be hard to find details. There is a reason for this. Some players like to fly under the radar because of tax issues. They are not transparent with their earnings because they want to pay less taxes.

Playing blackjack professionally is a volatile way to make a living. The earnings can be hard to pin down because they go up and down. Even the very best blackjack players in the world can go through periods and streaks when they are not earning as much as they need to make. That is why it is very important for the blackjack professional to stick back money and save for the proverbial rainy day.

The most important thing for you to know is that there are no guarantees in professional gambling. Each day is an uncertainty. The only way that you can earn the salary of a professional blackjack player is to limit risk at every opportunity. Manage your money wisely. Know what you need to make and be content to earn it.

You can play blackjack from home with your computer, phone, or tablet. You may even be given a free money bonus when you make your very first deposit. Consider the no deposit bonus, and casino reload bonuses.

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