Blackjack is a table game that has been popular in casinos for many years. Today, it has even inspired the creation of blackjack slots. These are slot machines which use blackjack as a theme. Some of them are played like regular reel slots. Others are played like a virtual version of blackjack that you would find at an online casino.

Before you decide to try your hand at these games, here are a few things you might want to think about. We would advise you to approach these machines with caution if you are serious about winning money at the game of blackjack.

What Are Blackjack Slots?

The best way to define blackjack slots would be as a combination between a blackjack game and a slot machine. These games were created to appeal to slots players who may or may not be familiar with blackjack. Some players want to experience the thrill of blackjack, but they are a little hesitant to try the actual table game.

The first type of blackjack slots are similar to video poker. They deal the player a blackjack hand and also include a virtual dealer. The player can then act on their hand by hitting, standing, or doubling down. Some of these machines may even allow the player to take insurance. If the player comes closer to 21 than the dealer, the player wins. Just like in real 21, a natural blackjack pays 3-2.

The other type of game is an actual slot machine. It can be a vintage three-reel slot, or it can be one of the more modern video slot machines that are used in live casinos and online. Instead of fruits and bells and other traditional symbols, the machine has symbols that are blackjack related. These can include decks of cards or individual playing cards, casino chips, and other things related to blackjack.

Some blackjack slots may even have bonus rounds in which the player is able to play a virtual game of blackjack to increase their winnings.

The main place to find blackjack slots is a live casino in most cases. They are not as popular in online casinos where players find themselves content to play the standard virtual version of blackjack.

How to Play Blackjack Slots

Now, let’s look at how you would go about playing these entertaining games. Before we do, you should know that your chances to win are much better at regular blackjack. The table game has one of the lowest advantages for the house of any game in the casino. You would be better off taking time to master the actual card game than you would to try and learn how to beat the slot machines.

If you are going to play the video poker version of blackjack slots, you will need to become familiar with basic blackjack strategy. You will need to know the basic rules of hitting, standing, and doubling before you play. There are many basic blackjack strategy charts available on Counting Edge, or you can find them in live casinos or online.

The great thing about having a strategy chart handy is that you can keep it with you while you are playing the game. Just put it next to your computer if you are playing online, or in your pocket if you are in a live casino. There is no rule against pulling out the chart and looking at it while you play.

Most video poker versions of blackjack slots will use a single 52-card deck. This deck is shuffled after each hand is dealt. You can lower the house edge of the game if you play proper blackjack strategy. Just make sure that the game is indeed using a single deck of cards. This should be printed on the machine, or you will see it displayed in the online graphics.

When it comes to the slot machine variety of the game, the results of the symbols are determined by the machine algorithm. Slot machines are set to pay back a certain amount, and they do not deviate from that formula. Some machines may pay back as much as 97%. Others can pay back substantially less.

A good rule of thumb to remember when playing slot machines of any kind is that your odds will be lower than they are when playing regular blackjack. Slot machines are where the casino earns the bulk of its income. This is something we’ll talk about in the next section.

Blackjack Slots Vs. Regular Blackjack

You should already have an idea that there is more advantage to playing regular blackjack. Why is this so?

To begin, playing blackjack in a live casino can open the door to the possibility of card counting. This can give you a decent edge when combined with basic blackjack strategy. Online play is different, with card counting being more challenging. But you can still use basic blackjack strategy online to keep the house edge at a minimum.

Is there any advantage of blackjack slots over real blackjack? It may be cheaper to play per hand. A blackjack slot in a live casino might be offered at $1 per hand. The actual table game could have a minimum of $5 or more. The offset here is that you will go through more hands per hour when you play blackjack slots than you will at a table.

In terms of how easy the games are to play, there is not much difference between the video poker blackjack slot and the regular game. As far as the actual slot machine goes, it doesn’t get much easier than that. Just put in the amount of money that you want to play, choose the lines you are playing, and hit the spin button. The machine does the rest.

Blackjack slots have been profitable for some casinos. If not, the casinos would not still have them in play. We think they can be a fun diversion, but they should not be used to replace actual blackjack under any circumstances by the serious player.

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