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In casinos where live blackjack is a popular game it is often expected that a player tip. Players should be prepared to tip the dealer as well as the cocktail waitress. A question that we often get asked here at Counting Edge is how should you be tipping at live blackjack. There is no hard and fast rule but we can provide you with a few tips and suggestions.

If You Don’t Want to Tip at Blackjack Play Online

Before we settle into tipping at live blackjack we should make the point that there is a way around this problem. Play blackjack online! When you play online you do not have to worry about cocktail waitresses and dealers. All you have to do is play and collect your winnings.

Of course, there are other advantages of playing blackjack online that we won’t go into here. We will just say that playing online blackjack keeps money in your pocket when you don’t have to give out tips. That money can add up over the long run and mean more profit for you.

What Happens If You Don’t Tip at Live Blackjack?

There is no rule that says you have to tip at online blackjack. Making a tip is up to you, but you should know what to expect if you decide not to tip. For starters the service that you receive from cocktail waitresses will go down. You may find that the waitress is not bringing those drinks around often enough. Or she may be skipping you altogether while waiting on the other players at the table.

Dealers can be the same. They are not allowed to pass you over at the blackjack table, but they can sure be rude to you. Playing at a blackjack table with a rude dealer is not any fun at all. You will probably find that doing so may even affect your ability to win at the game.

Why do these casino employees get so upset when you don’t tip. There is a pretty good reason. All casino employees of this nature depend upon tips as a major part of their income. Without those tips they are paid a pittance for the work that they do. It is only natural that they will give the best casino service to the players that tip the best.

What is a Good Guideline for Tipping at Live Blackjack?

It can be hard for a player to determine how much they should be tipping when it comes to live blackjack. Most players are content to simply toss out a few chips here and there without really paying attention to how much they are giving out. This can get to be a big problem. If you aren’t careful all of the profits that you have made during a blackjack session will be eaten away.

A good rule of thumb for tipping at the blackjack table is to offer 10% or a little less of your overall winnings for a session. If you win a $100 profit, tip $10. Some might think that this is a little bit cheap, but if every player at the blackjack table would take the same approach the dealers and waitresses would do okay.

You need to ask the dealer to give you some $1 blackjack chips when you buy into the game. These can be used to tip the waitress whenever she brings you a drink. You will probably end up giving her less than 10% of your winnings, but you can always make it up to her at the end of the session.

As for the dealer, this can be a little more tricky. What Counting Edge would recommend is waiting until the end of the blackjack session before you decide to make your tips. If you decide to do it this way you should make sure that you tell the dealer what is going on. Otherwise they may be inclined to think that you are not going to tip them at all.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share the Wealth

If you are one of those very lucky players who has been fortunate enough to win big during a blackjack session, don’t be afraid to share that good fortune with the casino employees. If you win a big jackpot or walk away from the blackjack table with thousands, up that 10% tip to 20%. Your waitresses and blackjack dealers will appreciate you for it. To play real money blackjack we recommend that you try one of the recommended casinos to play blackjack, many of which are iphone casinos. You can read the Miami Club casino review , or Roaring 21 review to name a few.

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