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There is a common misconception that is held by many blackjack players. They believe that blackjack dealers want you to lose. In general, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, a good blackjack dealer is hoping you will win so that they can earn a large tip. Do blackjack dealers want you to win? Of course they do!

Sure, you are going to encounter the occasional grumpy dealer. Maybe they are having a bad day. Maybe they just hate their job. Maybe the last player did not tip very well. You can disarm this type of dealer in some cases. In others, you just have to accept it or walk away.

Winning Players Tip More

Here is a consistent truth at the blackjack table. Players that are winning tip greater amounts. Tips are very important to a blackjack dealer. Any dealer that is smart would be rooting for you to win so that they have the chance to make a larger tip.

Have you ever been tipping big when you are losing? Probably not. A dealer that is presiding over a cold shoe is probably not having very much fun at all doing their job.

Blackjack Winners Are More Pleasant

Another reason for dealers to root for you to win is that winning blackjack players are a lot more pleasant to be around. Can you imagine dealing cards for hours on end to a bunch of alcoholics and jerks? That is exactly what some blackjack dealers have to do each day. It gets old in a hurry.

The next time that you are in a live casino, take a walk by a table where all the players are winning. Chances are you will see smiles all around. Everyone will be laughing and talking with one another. The tips will be flowing. This is every blackjack player’s dream.

The Dealer Does Not Win When You Lose

Regardless of what you may think, a blackjack dealer does not get compensated when you lose money at the blackjack table. They are not even given a pat on the back. The casino knows that the game itself, not the dealer, is responsible for the profits that the house makes.

If there were some type of incentive that were offered to dealers for their ability to make players lose, we could see where they would not want you to win. The truth is that there is no way for them to make you lose and nothing in it for them when you do.

Dealers Make Low Base Salaries

Did you know that blackjack dealers in a live casino actually make a very small salary. They get paid a low hourly wage and are expected to make up the rest of their income in tips. A dealer arrives on the floor with the knowledge that they need to make tips. This usually produces a happy attitude toward the player at the table.

Dealers also work long shifts. Some of them work as many as 12 hours in a row. That is a very long time to be standing on your feet for a low hourly wage. What makes it bearable are the tips that the dealer receives, and those are only made from happy, winning players.

Blackjack Dealers Are People, Too

It might help you to remember that dealers are people, too. They have good days and they have bad days. You never know what someone else may be going through until you have had the opportunity to walk in their shoes. Maybe the best practice is to show kindness to someone regardless of what you may think they are thinking.

The next time that you are seated at a live blackjack table, put a smile on your face. Engage the dealer in friendly conversation. Tip well. You just might find that you have the power to change the entire day for that dealer.

Avoiding Blackjack Dealers

If you are certain that the blackjack dealers you encounter want you to lose, there is one way that you can solve the problem. Take the dealer out of the equation. You can avoid a blackjack dealer when you play a virtual blackjack game online.

Maybe you are the kind of person that just wants to sit alone and play blackjack. There is nothing wrong with that. You can play online right from the comfort of home with your mobile device. There will then be no one to blame but the game and yourself if you happen to lose.

So much of life is about our attitude. If you approach blackjack thinking that the dealer is out to get you, sooner or later they may be. You can only project that type of attitude so often before it spreads. Instead of worrying about whether or not blackjack dealers want you to win, worry about things that you can control. Perfect your card counting, ,master basic strategy. This is time and energy well-spent. Less stress always leads to a better experience at the blackjack table.

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