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Many blackjack players crave behind the scenes information. The best sources of this information are most often employees of the casino. Recently, a Las Vegas blackjack dealer made some waves on the social media site Reddit when he decided to talk about his job in what Reddit calls an AMA session. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, and Reddit users happily obliged. What the blackjack dealer revealed was somewhat telling.

Las Vegas Blackjack Secrets

One of the first things revealed by the blackjack dealer on Reddit was that the game of blackjack is not rigged by the casino. Under the screen name Mssuekim1983, the dealer stated unequivocally that no attempts are made by the casino to cheat.

This makes perfect sense. Why would the casino need to cheat players when it has a built-in advantage. The dealer did concede that casinos use subtle methods of increasing their advantage. These can include the introduction of side bets which are very unfavorable for the player. Otherwise the game is straightforward and fair.

Some Reddit users scoffed at this and asked why the dealer always seemed to make a 20 when hitting a 12 while the player always busts. The dealer had a great response to this. He stated that blackjack players are more likely to remember their crushing losses than they are their big wins. At Counting Edge we would agree with this assessment.

Most Blackjack Dealers Are Rooting For Players to Win

There is a great scene in Vegas Vacation where Clark Griswold is menaced by a hateful blackjack dealer. The scene reaches its peak with the blackjack dealer telling Griswold he should just hand over his money and let the dealer kick him in the testicles! While this scene is funny, it does not accurately represent most dealers.

Dealers are people, too. Some of them even like to play blackjack at other casinos when they are off work. When you crush the casino you might be giving them the hope that they can do the same thing when they have a chance to play.

Another reason dealers like players to win is that winning players are likely to give them better tips. The losing blackjack player tips good—said no blackjack dealer ever. Dealers and other casino workers all make a significant part of their living from tips. The more players win, the more the dealer makes. Period.

Finally, the dealer has no personal stake in you losing. They do not receive a bonus from the casino if you lose your shirt. Their paycheck is exactly the same.

Blackjack Dealers Don’t Usually Catch Cheats

The occurrences of players attempting to cheat at live blackjack are rare the blackjack dealer stated in his Reddit AMA. In all his time dealing the game, he only dealt with one cheater. The thing is, the dealer did not spot the cheater in action because his cheating was effortless. It had obviously been perfected over many blackjack sessions.

The Las Vegas blackjack dealer said that it is casino surveillance which usually spots the cheater, not the dealer. The Eye in the Sky is everywhere in the casino. It cannot be avoided. You will be caught if you cheat. It’s just a matter of time.

Blackjack Dealers Make Mistakes

No dealer is perfect. Dealing blackjack is done by human hands and therefore subject to human error. Blackjack dealers often make mistakes when dealing the cards. It isn’t really a big deal as long as the dealer immediately informs the pit boss of their error.

The dealer on Reddit stated that players should inform the supervisor if the dealer does not. The reason for this is that the error has likely been spotted by casino surveillance. The failure of the player to report it could cause surveillance to believe that collusion between the player and dealer is taking place.

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