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If you have been wanting to play blackjack either live or online for a while now but only have limited funds, relax. There are plenty of ways you can get the most out of your blackjack money. Only professional blackjack players have a massive bankroll to work with. The average recreational player usually has $100 or less to work with. Here are some ways that you can make that $100 bankroll last a long time and give yourself more chances to win.

Only Play Blackjack Online

Unless you live next door to a physical casino, you should play blackjack online. It is even possible for players in the United States to play blackjack online for real money. Among the advantages are being able to play the game on your computer, smartphone, or tablet right from home. The biggest advantage, however, is that you can play blackjack for lots less online than you can live.

In a live casino the lowest minimum bet you will likely find is $5 per hand. That is only available at smaller casinos, too, and usually during midweek. The more common scenario is that it will cost you at least $10 per hand to play blackjack live.

In contrast, the table minimum at most online casinos is a mere $1. Granted, it can take a little longer to build up your bankroll playing for small stakes. But it also takes longer to lose it all. Make no mistake, you will lose your share of blackjack hands. This is especially true while you are learning the game.

For $100 you can lose ten $10 hands in a row at a love casino before you go broke. Don’t think you can lose ten in a row? Trust us. It happens all the time. Blackjack is a game of variance. When you are running hot you will win lots of hands. When you are running cold, the losses just keep coming. This is why we tell you to have a minimum bankroll of 50X the table minimum to play. That lets you withstand the downswings until the upswings begin.

Online, you can lose 100 $1 hands in a row before you go broke with $100. Now, we’ve never seen that happen. It could but the odds against it are astronomical. You’ve got 100X the table minimum to begin and that is more than enough ammunition to stay in the game.

Claim Your Online Blackjack Bonus Money

Another way to make your $100 blackjack bankroll last is to claim a big deposit bonus when you join an online casino recommended by Counting Edge. Many online casinos will give you a matching bonus of 100% or more when you sign up and make your first deposit. So, in theory, you could turn $100 into $200 if the cards are in your favor.

There is a catch, of course. In order for the bonus money to be released you’ll have to satisfy a bonus playthrough requirement. This means that you cannot cash out the bonus money until you have wagered an equal amount X number of times. You need to be clear on what the specific requirements are at your chosen online casino.

Some online casinos also offer a no-deposit bonus of $10 or more. You can play that right away and possibly turn it into something bigger. What is important to remember is that any free money you can obtain is money that can be added to your bankroll.

Only Play One Hand at a Time

One of the great temptations faced by a beginning blackjack player is the desire to play mutiple hands at once. This can be especially tempting when playing blackjack online. While you are learning the game it is best to keep things simple and stick to playing one hand at a time. This will also help to make your $100 bankroll last longer.

When you play blackjack live it is possible to play more than one hand if a seat on either side of you is open. You are not allowed to play multiple hands if those seats are taken. Playing online is different. You always have the option to play three hands or more in some online casinos. This is because you are the only person at the virtual table.

Just because there are spots available for you to make a bet doesn’t mean that you should. One mistake many players make is to play more than one hand after they have fallen behind and lost some of their money. This is almost always a mistake. You should be doing exactly the opposite. If you are fortunate enough to amass some winnings, go ahead and play more hands. You’ll be playing with the house’s money and that makes far more sense.

Keep Your Bet at a Minimum

You should keep your bet at the table minimum if you only have $100 to wager or if you are just learning how to play the game. It is foolish to increase your bet when you have limited funds. Playing more than the table minimum can cause you to go through a large bankroll quickly.

Always remember that greed is the number one enemy of the blackjack player. It is natural to want to win more than we have already won. You must learn to be satisfied with a small win while you learn and build your bankroll.

You might want to check out the Counting Edge articles on blackjack money management for other effective ways to make your $100 bankroll last longer at the blackjack table. Remember, the articles we provide are designed to help you become successful at blackjack.

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