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Anyone that has played blackjack will tell you that basic blackjack strategy is a key to success. Coupled with card counting it is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of the blackjack player. There are many strategy charts for blackjack that you can use. Most of them follow a few standard rules but can include small variations. For this reason making your own basic blackjack strategy is possible, but it involves more than you think.

Basic Strategy is More Than Knowing When to Hit or Stand

The average player understands basic blackjack strategy as something which informs the decision-making process at blackjack. It is supposed to tell the player which choice to make based on every possible starting hand combination. The charts for basic strategy that you will find here at Counting Edge and for sale in the live casinos give you that information, but that is as far as they go.

If knowing the right play for every situation was enough to win consistently at blackjack everyone would be playing the game and getting rich. We all know it doesn’t work that way. Making the right play is not going to guarantee a win each time. Nothing will. It will simply reduce the house edge against you. When you add in other factors to the strategy charts, the house edge is reduced even farther.

The Elements of a Basic Blackjack Strategy

Let’s take a closer look at things that can be considered as part of a basic blackjack strategy. Most of the elements that we will talk about can be used in both online and offline blackjack. First up is the strategy charts that we mentioned in the previous section.

You need a blackjack strategy chart and you need to become very familiar with it. Over time the best players in the game have discovered that there are certain plays which should be made every time without fail. Your job is to practice these decisions until they become instinctive at the blackjack table. Until then, you should always keep a card or a chart next to you at all times while you play.

For many players card counting is also a part of an effective blackjack strategy. There is no question that the biggest winners ever in blackjack were those individuals who counted cards. The problem for the blackjack player of today is that the live casinos are making it more difficult for card counters, and the technique is hard to use in online blackjack because a new deck is in play with each hand.

This does not mean that you should not count cards at blackjack. It can still be done with much success in many live casinos, and it can also be done online when the online casino uses a live blackjack dealer to conduct the game.

Finally, money management is also a part of a successful online blackjack strategy. You cannot simply sit down to wager on the game of blackjack without a plan for how you will bet. The manner in which you bet will be determined by card counting if you are using that, but it can also proceed according to a specific system or plan.

These are the most common elements of a strategy for winning at blackjack. Within each of the three areas we spoke of there are endless variations. This is what makes it possible for you to develop your own blackjack strategy. Over time you will be able to find a strategy that wins on a consistent basis. That is the goal of all blackjack players.

Building Your Own Strategy or System for Blackjack

As we mentioned, a basic blackjack strategy can be made up of any of the elements in the above section. But there are many systems for counting cards, and there are many ways to manage your bankroll. You will even find that strategy charts differ.

What you want to do is choose a system or method from each of these elements You will find a strategy chart that works for you, and you will choose from one of the many card counting methods that are available. Finally, you will add in a money management method for blackjack. When you have assembled all of these elements you will have created your very own winning blackjack strategy.

Here at Counting Edge we make it easy for you to locate different card counting methods and ways of managing money. We have even created our very own blackjack strategy which you can use if you want. Before you begin to create your own powerful strategy here are a few questions to consider:

  • Will you be using the strategy for online or offline blackjack?
  • How much money are you trying to win per blackjack session?
  • Will card counting play a major role in your strategy?

Once you have made these determinations it will be possible for you to craft your winning method.

After you have tested your own strategy we recommend that you give it a try at one of our preferred online casinos. You will find that these casinos are ones we have found to offer the best opportunities for players. Play blackjack for real money and win real money!


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