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Being successful at online blackjack requires lots of study and practice. In your earliest days of playing you may find that it is necessary to have some type of reference that you can refer to for basic blackjack strategy. You may also want to keep some type of reference for betting. Using blackjack betting charts can make you a much better player.

What are Blackjack Betting Charts?

There is some confusion about the precise nature of blackjack betting charts. Exactly what kinds of information is included on these charts? The first thing to note is that there is no distinction between a blackjack betting chart and a blackjack basic strategy chart. They are essentially the same thing.

A chart contains a diagram of the correct blackjack play to make in every situation that you will encounter at the blackjack table. All you need to do is cross-reference the upcard shown by the dealer with the two cards that you have received. The chart will then tell you if you should hit, stand, double, split, surrender, or take insurance. There is no thinking required on your part. All you need to do is execute the right move.

Charts come in all styles. You can find these charts right here at Counting Edge. There are also blackjack betting charts which are sold in the live casinos of Las Vegas. These charts are often small plastic cards that you can keep in a pocket. Yes, you are allowed to use those cards when you sit down at a live blackjack table.

What is the Advantage of a Blackjack Chart?

There are advantages of using a blackjack betting chart, especially when you are first learning to play. The obvious advantage is that the chart will help prevent error in making the correct play at the table. All you do is what the chart tells you to do.

These charts have been developed by professional blackjack players and strategists who have spent many years analyzing the game. They have tested their strategies in live playing environments and determined that they are accurate. Does that mean a chart is perfect? Of course not. A chart is only as good as the blackjack players that have combined to produce it.

Another advantage of using a blackjack betting chart is speed. In a live casino you will find that play moves along at a fairly rapid pace. In an online casino you are better able to control the tempo of play. You may find that while playing live blackjack you have little time to make your decisions before the dealer and other players get impatient. A chart will remedy that.

Finally, using a blackjack betting chart is also useful in helping you to memorize the right plays to make in the right situations. If you are going to play blackjack you need your decisions to become instinctive. You should be able to instantly know the right play as soon as you see the cards on the table.

Will a Blackjack Betting Chart Help Me Win?

It is very important that you understand that a blackjack betting chart will not automatically make you a winner at the game of online blackjack. You are still going to need to hone your skills and put in the time learning strategy and how to count cards. You are also going to need to learn how to manage your bankroll while you are playing the game.

The one area where blackjack betting charts don’t offer much help is in the area of money management. A very few of them may make limited suggestions about how many units that you should bet in certain situations, but these are only guidelines. In many cases the information is wrong because the chart has no way of knowing if the deck is hot or cold.

What we can say is that you are within your rights to make and use a betting chart of your own. There is a risk in doing so if you are playing live blackjack. The risk is that you will be branded as a card counter by making frequent adjustments to your bets.

When playing online blackjack you will not have that worry, so we encourage you to keep a betting reference handy when playing. You might want to use the Up-and-Pull betting method that we have discussed here on Counting Edge.

Are you ready to use a blackjack betting chart to win money playing online blackjack? You can do that when you create an account with one of our recommended online casinos. You’ll get a nice welcome bonus and you can also play with your computer, phone, or tablet. To play real money blackjack online many of which are iphone casinos first read reviews such as the High Country casino review to name a few.

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