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If you like to play online blackjack then you have probably noticed that many online casinos have started to offer live dealer blackjack. This version of the game allows a player to actually view a real dealer dealing out card to players in the game. The goal of this is to increase player trust, but one online casino has come under some strong scrutiny after a dealer was spotted cheating by an online blackjack player.

The Double Dealing Dealer

BetOnline.com was among the first online casinos to offer live dealer blackjack. In February of 2017 the casino was embarrassed when a player uploaded a video to YouTube which apparently caught a dealer cheating.

In the video the dealer can be observed using a sleight of hand technique that is known as a second shuffle. This move involves dealing the card beneath the top card in the shoe. It is also called second dealing and has been used for a hundred years by cheating gamblers.

It is impossible to tell for sure whether or not the act by the dealer was intentional or an accident. According to Casino.org, a popular gambling website, the blackjack dealer cheated and caused professional blackjack player Michael Morganstern to lose the hand. Morganstern attempted to contact the casino’s customer service department but could receive no help. The casino has also refused to comment publicly on the incident.

BetOnline.com is not licensed in the United States. This has made it almost impossible for Morganstern, a United States citizen, to receive any compensation for his losing hand.

Live Online Dealers are Popular

It has become standard practice for many online casinos to offer live dealer blackjack. This form of blackjack has been around for many years now but it has only become popular in the last two or three years as more players discover the game online.

The advantages of live dealer blackjack are that it gives players a more realistic version of the game to play. This in turn encourages more confidence in the integrity of the online casino. Players are less likely to feel that they can be cheated when they are able to watch an actual dealer instead of playing against a computer.

It doesn’t really make fiscal sense for an online casino to use a live dealer that cheats. There is simply too great a risk of the dealer being caught. The online casino would then be out of business. Unfortunately, online casinos that are licensed in other countries come and go. There seem to be new ones opening up each week. Some of them stay around and some are closed quickly or exposed as scams.

From One Game to Another

In the wake of the BetOnline.com video it was revealed that one of the superiors at the casino has a sordid past in the online gaming business. Brent Beckley was one of the individuals who ran AbsolutePoker when the site was found to be cheating some players. He has since moved on to a new position with BetOnline.com.



It would appear that online casinos will begin to do more to distance themselves from individuals who have a shady past in the gaming industry. Online poker is still reeling from its shut down in the United States and many wonder if the game will ever be legalized for play in the States again.

How to Avoid Live Dealers Who Cheat

It is possible for online blackjack players to avoid the possibility of being cheated. This all begins with doing the appropriate research when selecting an online casino. A good way to do this is to take advantage of the reviews which are posted by Counting Edge.

You want to check a casino’s history before you decide to create an account. If they have been in business for many years this is a good sign. Always trust an online casino which offers live dealers if they have been providing gaming services for many years. It would not be possible for the casino to stay in business so long if they established a record of cheating.

Reviews will also tell you which online casinos use a provably fair model to run their games. Provably fair casinos are ones which publish extensive hand histories and algorithms which can be used to substantiate the fairness of their games.

If you are ready to start playing backjack online, take a few minutes right now and register your account with one of our recommended casinos. All of them offer a nice welcome bonus when you make your first deposit, and you can play on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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