✔️ USA Players Welcome
✔️ USA Players Welcome

Fans of blackjack in the United States have lots of reasons to celebrate. The US is slowly relaxing its attitudes toward online casinos. Online blackjack for real money could be coming soon to your state. The US government has essentially left it up to each state to determine their own laws regarding online gambling, and many are making it legal.

Online Blackjack in the United States

Players have been waiting for a long time to see online casinos legalized in the US. It is slowly starting to happen. There are currently four states that have legalized online casinos. Players in these states can play blackjack online for real money:

Do you think it is curious that Nevada is missing from that list? It seems like the US state that is most known for gambling would pass a law allowing online blackjack. Currently it is legal to bet poker online in Nevada. All other forms of online gambling, including blackjack, are prohibited.

There is a pretty good reason for this. Nevada casinos have a lot of influence with the state legislature. They spend a lot of money lobbying to keep online gambling illegal. None of the casinos wants to risk losing the gamblers who must come to a live casino to play blackjack.

Other states do not have live casinos. Their attitude is much different. For them it is easier to permit online gambling and reap the benefits of revenues that are generated by those who like to play casino games online.

Online Blackjack and Your State

If you do not live in one of the four states that are mentioned above you may still see online blackjack coming to your state soon. Here is a list of states which have legalized other forms of online betting such as sports wagering and poker:

  • Nevada
  • West Virginia
  • Rhode Island
  • Indiana
  • Oregon

Even better, there are many states which seem ready to tackle the issue of online gambling in 2020 with new laws. Online blackjack could be coming to your state in 2020.

How You Can Help Legalize Online Blackjack in Your State

If your state is being slow to jump on the online gambling bandwagon there are a few things that you can do to help. Never underestimate the importance of grass roots organizing and lobbying.

Find out who the state lawmakers are for your home district. Remember, online gambling and blackjack is now left up to the individual states. You will need to contact the government officials in your state. Reaching out to your US officials won’t do much good in this regard.

Once you have obtained the contact information for your state representatives and senators you can either call their offices or write them a letter. A letter may be better because letters tend to hang around longer than a phone call. You will probably receive a response that your letter has been received and your views are noted.

In your letter you should explain that you are in favor of legalized online gambling in your state. You should point out that other states have legalized online betting and are profiting from the revenues that have been gained. This approach is certainly worth a try.

While You Wait for Online Blackjack to Come to Your State

If online blackjack has not been legalized in your state you still have options. At Counting Edge we have information on offshore casinos that are willing to accept US players. This can be a good way to play blackjack online for real money while you wait for blackjack in your state.

Many of the online casinos that we recommend will give you a nice welcome bonus for signing up. You may also play for free at some of the online casino. That will allow you to learn the game as you go along.

Don’t sit around waiting for legal online blackjack to come to you. Read, learn, and play blackjack at offshore online casinos. For example, Casino Max!

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