Many people who play blackjack don’t realize that some blackjack dealers are very skilled players themselves. After all, they stand for hours dealing hand after hand. This gives them a lot of time to practice card counting and basic strategy while getting paid.

The rules of each casino prohibit a dealer from playing blackjack in the establishment where they work, but they are allowed to visit other casinos when they are off-duty. Many of them do, and many of them earn additional money playing cards.

One such dealer was well known around town as a notorious blackjack player. This dealer’s entire life was consumed by blackjack, and he was very good at the game. When he wasn’t dealing, he was playing. The casino where he worked knew he liked to play blackjack when he was off work, but they didn’t really care. He always won and they had no problem with him taking money from the competition.

The dealer was an expert card counter. Everyone knew this, even the casinos where he played. Because of his knowledge, however, no one could catch him. The dealer knew all of the ways to evade scrutiny. He made mistakes on purpose, and often left a table when the deck was red hot. It became apparent to the casinos that they would never be able to prove he was a card counter. They had to find a different way to stop him.

One night the dealer went to a casino to play blackjack. He looked for a table that was empty so that he could play head-to-head against the other dealer. There was once such table and the dealer took a seat. Within a few moments a rather large lady also sat down at the table. The dealer did not think much of it and prepared himself for another monster session.

Little did he know that the lady who sat down in the First Base Seat was what is known as a plant. A plant is someone who is compensated by the casino to sit in at a game of blackjack for the purpose of making it difficult for others to win. These players make all the wrong decisions, like splitting tens and taking the dealer’s bust card. Anyone who has ever played blackjack knows that someone who always violates basic strategy can change the entire game.

The blackjack-playing dealer was not stupid, and he soon recognized the plant. He immediately reduced his bet to the table minimum and began to make friendly conversation. He complimented every poor decision she made. In addition, he began to flirt with the large woman and summoned the cocktail waitress to bring them drinks regularly. Very soon the woman was roaring drunk and had forgotten all about her reason for being there. The dealer kept on ordering drinks but he did not seem to be getting drunk.

It wasn’t very long before the woman had become too drunk to play and was removed from the casino by a pair of security guards. The dealer resumed his count and increased his bets as the count grew higher. He left the blackjack table, as always, with a huge profit.

The next night, the dealer was back at work in his own casino. He stood there dealing blackjack to the different players when suddenly a familiar face approached his table. It was the cocktail waitress from the night before. The dealer gave her a wink and a smile and began to deal the cards. No one would ever know that she had made the large woman’s drinks doubly strong while only serving the dealer sparkling water with a slice of lime. The dealer and the cocktail waitress were romantically involved, something else no one would ever know. To play blackjack for money online we recommend that you try one of the recommended casinos. You can read the Casino Max review, Miami Club review , High Country casino review, Cherry Jackpot casino review, or Roaring 21 review to name a few.

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