In most cases the blackjack player is the one making the news for cheating. Sometimes, however, it is the casino which is guilty of the dirty deeds. One Pennsylvania casino is garnering media attention for all the wrong reasons. The Presque Isle Downs Casino was recently fined by the State Gaming Board after it was discovered that some dealers improperly handled cards during play.<Source>

Blackjack Dealers Gone Wild

The Gaming Control Board in Pennsylvania was conducting an evaluation of the blackjack tables at the Presque Isle Downs racetrack when they noticed some irregularities at a specific blackjack table. An investigation was initiated that lasted for three days in January of 2017.

During the investigation period the investigators found that one specific blackjack table was the site of multiple violations. One of these involved a dealer shuffling cards without a patron present to observe the action. Another involved multiple dealers who did not remove the first card from the shoe and place it in the discard pile as is customary. This form of mishandling happened several times on two separate days.

Even more concerning was the fact that pit bosses charged with supervising the blackjack action saw what was happening and did nothing to address it. This fact was apparently something which weighed heavily in the state’s decision to levy a fine against the casino.

But was this a case of blackjack dealers gone wild or was it a case of blackjack dealers who simply have not received an abundance of training where dealing is concerned? Or was it perhaps a simple case of the dealers not caring very much about their job and doing it poorly?

The Penalties for Presque Isle Blackjack

This was the first time that the state has taken action against Presque Isle Downs Casino since the facility was approved for casino table games in September 2016. All in all, the facility has a strong reputation for integrity and honesty in gaming.

At a meeting of the Gaming Control Board in Harrisburg, officials determined they would fine the casino $10,000 plus an additional sum of $2,500 for the costs of the investigation. It is not an extremely large sum and many feel that it is just a slap on the wrist for the casino.

How to Avoid Bad Blackjack Dealers

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