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It isn’t uncommon for casinos to tamper with the rules of blackjack. The reasons for doing this can range from increasing the house edge to making the game tougher to beat. One live casino in Cincinnati has implemented some new rules in an effort to attract more players to the game of blackjack. The casino has essentially created its own variation of the game which cannot be found anywhere else.

JACK Casino in Cincinnati

The JACK Casino in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a popular gaming spot for both locals and tourists. It offers many popular slot machines, video poker, and a variety of table games. Of course, blackjack remains one of the most popular offerings. It’s a game that resonates with newcomers and experienced gamblers.

Jack Cincinnati Casino is the largest gambling venue in its region of the United States. According to Chad Barnhill, the General Manager of the casino, the idea was to create something that players could not find at any other casino. The answer was Jack Jack, a blackjack variation that offers different payouts for different blackjacks.

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The casino tested the game earlier in the summer by offering it at two tables. It proved to be popular enough that two more tables were added to the mix. The JACK also operates a casino in Cleveland which is also trying out the same strategy.

How Jack Jack Blackjack is Played

For starters, Jack Jack has the same basic rules as standard blackjack. The dealer is still bound by the same rules and must hit 16 and stand on 17. All the player actions are in place. Players may hit, stand, double, or split. The only difference is that Jack Jack awards a special payout when a player’s blackjack contains certain cards.

If a player gets a blackjack with two black cards—a black Ace and a black Ten—the payout given is 2-1. At a table minimum bet of $10 the player would receive $20 in return. A blackjack with two red cards is given the standard 3-2 payout, or $15 for a $10 bet. Finally, a blackjack consisting of a red card and a black card is paid off at 1-1 or even money, $10 for a $10 bet.

So far in 2017, players have wagered more than $183 million dollars on table games at JACK casino. Even so, the casino operators hope that Jack Jack will improve the amount of revenue that is generated per table. Even though JACK makes more overall, their earning per table fall behind other casinos in the Ohio/Indiana area.

The Sneaky Side of JACK Cincinnati Blackjack

On the surface it may seem like this novel style of blackjack is harmless fun for the player. After all, it doesn’t require a separate side bet to participate. You just play your regular hand and reap the benefits if you hit a blackjack. That sounds like a good deal, right?

Not so fast. The sneaky side of Jack Jack Blackjack is in the even money payout for a blackjack that contains a red card and a black card. In a regular game of blackjack, ALL blackjacks are paid off at 3/2. The fact that some players here may overlook is that you have a greater chance of receiving a red card/black card blackjack than you do of receiving two cards of the same color.

What this means is that the casino has now improved its overall edge by reducing the payout for most blackjacks. It is hard to say exactly what the math is because the variation is so new, but in the longrun the player is going to suffer here by receiving even money on most blackjacks.

As any smart card counter will tell you, beating the game of blackjack means that you have to maximize your profit. Ideally, you are trying to make a blackjack when you have a big bet on the table because it pays more money. This variation puts a big dent in that approach, especially when card counting methods do not tell you how many cards remain of a certain color. There is no way of knowing, unless you are a savant, how many black cards remain as compared to red cards.

Because this game has become so popular in the JACK live casino, it wouldn’t be surprising to see something similar appear at an online casino in the future. You don’t have to wait on Jack Jack to be available online. You can begin playing blackjack online for real money right now when you create an account with a casino recommended by Counting Edge.

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