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Fred Renzey had a pretty basic philosophy in mind when he created the KISS II card counting system-keep it short and simple. Renzey published the KISS II method in his book Blackjack Bluebook II . The expanded version of the blackjack book was released in 2006, so the KISS II method is still being updated and improved by Renzey. Fred Renzey is known throughout the gambling world as a skilled expert at blackjack and other card games which gives a lot of credibility to his KISS II system.

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Beginning card counters will absolutely love the KISS II system. As the name implies, this card counting method does everything possible to simplify the process of card counting. Despite being very easy to learn and use in live blackjack play, the KISS II system is still powerful enough to give the player a +0.64% added edge over the house.

What You Need To Know About The KISS II Card Counting Method

The first thing to understand about the KISS II is that it adheres to the basic foundation of card counting. The goal of the method is to help the player develop a running count which identifies when the deck has become favorable. When the running count reaches a high level such as +3, +4, +5, the opportunities for blackjack profits skyrocket and you should increase your bets. If that count drops below zero into a negative range, be careful. It just might be time to hit the buffet and take a break.

Secondly, the KISS II card counting method is what is known as an unbalanced system. This simply means that if all the cards were dealt from the shoe your ending count will not necessarily be zero. Why is this? It is because the starting count does not begin at zero. There are different theories about where to begin the count. Some proponents of the KISS II suggest you start counting a new shoe at -12! While we wouldn’t go that far, the point of beginning with a negative count instead of at 0 is that you can be absolutely certain that the deck is favorable as soon as it crosses into positive territory and you can win money playing blackjack.

Another thing you need to know about the KISS II method is that it is a suit-aware count. The twos in the deck are given different values based on the color of their suit. This adds a slight amount of difficulty to the method and many players avoid suit-aware counts.

The Value Of The Cards In The KISS II

Here are the numeric values assigned to the cards in the KISS II:

Card Value

Red 2Black 2345678910JQKA

There are two important things to notice when looking at these card values. First, as we stated above, the twos are given different values based on the color of their suit. There is a constant, raging debate in the blackjack community about the pros and cons of a suit-aware count. Ultimately, the player has to decide if they are comfortable with the method.

Secondly, you will note that the KISS II method is greatly simplified because it allows a player to eliminate 50% of the cards from the count. This is because four of the cards are valued at +1 and four are valued at -1. This means that those cards cancel each other out. Counting the KISS II in live play is much easier because there are fewer cards to track and add to the running count.

In the KISS II method there is no need to keep a separate count of the aces in play. You simply count the aces as 0 in the running count.

Summing Up The Kiss II

For beginners, Counting Edge believes the KISS II method is a great introduction to card counting. It is easy to learn and simple to execute at the blackjack table. It will benefit the player to practice the KISS II in the privacy of their own home before giving it a trial run at the casino.

The only spot of difficulty in the KISS II involves the suit-aware count of the twos in the deck. It should be noted that the KISS II will work without assigning different values to the red and black twos, but this will reduce the overall efficiency of the method. To play blackjack for money online we recommend that you try one of the recommended & trusted casinos. For more card counting topics explore Edge Sorting, Hole Carding, Shuffle Tracking, Wonging in Blackjack, Camouflage Betting, Team Play, Betting Spread, & Risk Of Ruin.

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