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If you are considering becoming a professional card counter and earning your living at the blackjack tables, mastering the art of camouflage betting is a must. Savvy card counters use camouflage betting to disguise the fact that they are counting cards. You will soon come to realize that your livelihood depends upon you not being caught by the casinos.

Camouflage betting was designed to counteract one of the most serious mistakes made by blackjack professionals. This mistake is a failure to understand the proper mechanics of betting while card counting in order to elude the scrutiny of casino security. Camouflage betting is part of card counting just as the following: Edge Sorting, Hole Carding, Shuffle Tracking, Wonging in Blackjack, Team Play, Betting Spread, & Risk Of Ruin. So you will be around reading for a while!

What is Camouflage Betting?

It is exactly what the name implies, betting in such a way that the real nature of your betting is hidden. Let’s explain the concept in simpler terms.

Whenever you count cards at the casino the goal is to raise your bets to the max when the count is high, and keep them at a minimum while the count is low. You could sit at the blackjack table for a very long time just waiting for the count to increase. While you wait you will be betting the table minimum. As soon as the count hits that magical range of +5, +6, or higher, your bets have to be increased to take advantage of the count. This is very important so write it down: card counting is worthless if you are not betting the most money when the count is high.

Here’s the problem. If you have been sitting at the table and betting the minimum for two hours straight, raising your bet all of a sudden will raise red flags from the Tropicana to the Taj Mahal! Casino operators are not stupid. They know that a sudden raise in your bet amounts is one of the tell-tale signs of card counting. Congratulations! You just became a red dot on the casino’s radar.

The way a player bets is one of the most telling signals about whether or not that player is counting cards. Camouflage betting is a way of altering your bets that will make you look like a recreational player.

Why use Camouflage Betting?

Here’s the deal, and learn it well. The casinos don’t need hard evidence to ban you for card counting. They only need to suspect you. The reason for this is that casinos are private property. Think of it like this. If someone comes to you house and you suspect that they are stealing things you have the right to kick them out on the spot. You might be wrong about them but that doesn’t matter. You don’t need to haul them into court and call witnesses to kick them out of your house because it is your house.

It is the same way in a casino. The casino considers you to be a guest, and as the owner of the house they have a right to kick you out whenever they feel like it. If you don’t believe us, listen to the story of a sad incident that we witnessed at a United States casino. A lady had been playing slot machines all night long. Throughout the evening the casino had no problem giving her drink after drink for free until she was plowed. As soon as the lady lost all of her money the casino had security remove her from the casino and basically threw her out the front door. But they didn’t stop there. They called the local police who arrived and arrested the lady for public intoxication.

Many card counters have been treated the exact same way. This is the reason you should learn how to effectively use camouflage betting.

How to Camouflage Bet?

The key to successfully hiding, or camouflaging, your bet is to make it look like you are just out for a good time at the casino. The best way to learn how to do this is to spend some time walking around the blackjack pit and looking at the people playing blackjack for fun. They are easy to spot. Watch how they bet and then copy them when you are counting cards.

Recreational bettors frequently do these things while betting:

  • They vary their bet size often
  • They go with a hunch
  • They bet more when they are drunk
  • They usually follow up a win by doubling the next bet

If you will adopt some of the same practices, the casino is more likely to think you are a recreational player instead of a professional.

Here is one method of camouflage betting you will only find on Counting Edge. It has been used successfully by one of our experienced card counters. It is called the Law of Averages Camouflage.

While you are waiting for the count to get high you will be betting the minimum.

Add in the following cycle to your bet:

  • After three losing hands in a row, double your bet.
  • After three winning hands in a row, reduce your bet.
  • After losing two hands in a row, bet 4X the table minimum.
  • After two winning hands in a row let your two-hand profit ride on the next hand.

Whenever you execute one of the above variations, casually say, “The law of averages says I have to win sometime!” or “I think this next hand is a loser….I need to bet small.”

Now, don’t be overly dramatic about the process. You aren’t trying to win an Academy Award. The key is to use the variations above, in random order, to prevent anyone from thinking you are betting the minimum until the count gets high.

The bottom line is to eliminate any appearance of a pattern. Whatever variations you use, you must use them in a random way. Mix them up. Doing this will make you a master of camouflage betting. I also suggest you click here to read about betting spread.


  1. Is camouflage betting a foolproof way to avoid detection?
    • No method is foolproof. However, effective camouflage betting can significantly reduce the chances of being identified as an advantage player.
  2. Does camouflage betting affect a player’s edge?
    • Yes, certain camouflage techniques can reduce the player’s edge. For instance, making sub-optimal plays to appear as a recreational player might decrease profitability. The goal is to balance the advantage gained from counting with the reduced heat from casino personnel.
  3. Can camouflage betting be used in games other than blackjack?
    • While most commonly associated with blackjack, the concept of disguising one’s advantage play can apply to other casino games, though the specific techniques would vary.
  4. How do players decide when to use camouflage betting?
    • It often depends on the casino environment. If a player feels that the casino staff is watching them closely or that they’re playing in a location known for frequent backoffs, they might employ more camouflage techniques.
  5. What are some common camouflage betting techniques?
    • Some techniques include:
      • Flat Betting: Occasionally betting the same amount, even when the count is favorable.
      • Making “Mistake” Plays: Intentionally making a play that isn’t optimal.
      • Engaging with the Dealer or Other Players: Being social can make a player seem less like a focused card counter.
      • Playing in Higher-Denomination Games: This might seem counterintuitive, but larger bets in higher-limit areas can sometimes be less suspicious than fluctuating bets at lower-limit tables.
  6. Is camouflage betting considered cheating?
    • No, camouflage betting is a strategy to disguise advantage play, not to alter the game’s outcome dishonestly.
  7. If casinos are aware of camouflage betting techniques, do they still work?
    • While casinos are aware of many camouflage techniques, the human element of casino surveillance means there’s always a judgment call involved. Camouflage betting aims to tip that judgment in the player’s favor by blending in with the majority of casino patrons.

Using camouflage betting effectively requires a deep understanding of both blackjack strategy and the psychology of casino surveillance. The goal is to maximize profits while minimizing the risk of being identified as an advantage player.

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