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When it comes to a betting system for blackjack, any system called the 357 Magnum must promise a lot of power. This pistol of a system could help you dominate the tables in a live or online blackjack game. It is a far better system than flat betting at the blackjack table. Beginners will also find it to be a simple method of blackjack betting.

Counting Edge has prepared a review of the 357 Magnum blackjack betting system. This will give you all the information you need to begin using the system right away. Be sure to let us know if you have success with this method.

About the 357 Magnum Blackjack Bankroll Management Method

The 357 Magnum is also known as the Hammer. We found it thanks to the CEG Dealer School in Las Vegas. CEG trains many dealers to work in Las Vegas the most popular casinos. The school also tests blackjack money management systems to determine if they are effective. Testing also helps prospective dealers to recognize the system if it is being used at a live blackjack table.

We suspect that the name of the system relates to its simplicity. All you need to do is load the gun, find a target, and pull the trigger. The progression is a simple but effective one that has been used for many years by advantage blackjack players. It is a bit of a grinding system, but those types of systems can work if you are patient and willing to put in the necessary time.

The suggested buy-in is anywhere from $100 to $500 dollars. In our own evaluation of the 357 magnum, the buy-in was $200. It was used at a $10 table, and that creates a problem for us right away. Our opinion is that $200 to buy-in at a $10 table can be setting yourself up for failure. We always recommend 50X the minimum wager if you want to have the best chance with any method of blackjack betting.

Those who recommend the 357 Magnum advise that you walk away when you are bored or when you are out of money. We disagree. You need more discipline than that. Any professional or serious blackjack player will tell you that they do not take an haphazard approach to betting. They focus. They have targets. They get out when they are ahead.

How the 357 Mangum Works

Here is the basic progression of the 357 Magnum system and how it works, with a $10 minimum table as the example:

  • Begin with a bet of one unit, or $10
  • If the bet is lost, begin again with one unit
  • If the first bet is won, add $5 for a $15 total bet
  • If second bet is won, add $5 for a $20 total bet
  • The bet is then increased by one unit each hand until a loss, at which point the progression starts over

As you can see, there is nothing very complex or complicated about this type of betting progression. It is one that a complete beginner can master in just a few hours of play.

Blackjack Strategy Vs. Blackjack System: Know the Difference

Before you decide to use the 357 blackjack betting method at your favorite online casino or live venue, we should make sure you understand that there is a difference between blackjack strategies and systems. All betting methods for gambling are generally classified as systems.

Blackjack strategy, on the other hand, relates to the decisions you make on each individual blackjack hand. Over time a specific system has been developed for players to help them understand the plays that make the most sense in terms of odds. By sticking to basic blackjack strategy you will have a much-improved edge at the game. When you mix that edge with a good blackjack betting system, you will become a serious blackjack threat.

A betting system like the 357 Magnum can be used without the need for basic strategy, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Without the proper knowledge in both areas you will be less likely to win.

Playing Online Blackjack With the 357 Magnum System

We think that you could perhaps have great success if you were to try this blackjack betting system online. The main advantage of online play with a system is that you can usually invest less money. The minimum blackjack bet at many online casinos is just $1.

Even better, there are some online casinos that will allow you to play a free version of their online blackjack game. You can play the free game and test the system for yourself to see if it works. Only change to the real money games when you are comfortable doing so.

Pros and Cons of 357 Magnum Blackjack Betting

Here is a look at the positive and negatives you may want to consider.


  • Very simple progression system
  • Builds at a reasonable pace
  • Can be used online or in free blackjack games


  • No exit strategy given
  • Can take longer to make a large profit
  • Bankroll requirement is too low in our opinion

Our View of the 357 Magnum Bankroll System

This is not a blackjack betting system that would probably appeal to the serious online blackjack player. It can take a long time to achieve a decent profit. Most professionals are going to want a smash-and-grab type method. This one is a grind, which, if we are being honest, is good for the beginner. Why? Because it keeps the newcomer in the game longer. That could mean long enough to get a good winning streak.

Our word of caution for the 357 Magnum Blackjack system is to create your own exit strategy. Do not play until you get bored as the developers of the system suggest. We would maybe suggest winning 50% of your buy-in as a good time to cash out and leave with your winnings. Don’t keep playing until you give all of your profit back.

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