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Las Vegas can still claim the title of live blackjack capital of the world. The Las Vegas Strip is legendary, and so is the Treasure Island casino. This landmark of the Strip is known for its live pirate shows and gigantic pirate ship. It is also known as the best place to play live blackjack in Las Vegas. Here are a few things to know about Treasure Island blackjack.

Treassure Island Las Vegas

About Treasure Island

In 1993 Las Vegas developer Steve Wynn had the idea to create a family-friendly experience. Under his Mirage Resorts brand, Wynn introduced Treasure Island. The pirate-themed casino was one of the first Las Vegas resorts to create an environment that welcomed both parents and their children. The idea worked. Today, Las Vegas is filled with all sorts of activities and attractions for the whole family.

Treasure Island was a part of all that with its fun live pirate shows. Of course, the real purpose of building a casino like Treasure Island was to entice adults to gamble while the kids were otherwise occupied. To stay in business, Wynn knew that Treasure Island had to depend on the revenues of both tourists and local gamblers. The best way to earn that revenue was to make sure the casino offers the most attractive games.

The Treasure Island casino distinguished itself from the very beginning with an appealing blackjack game. The rules of Treasure Island blackjack don’t really differ from those of other blackjack games on the Strip, with the exception of a few key changes. It  is those small changes that add up to a blackjack game that can be profitable for players who have mastered basic blackjack strategy.

Treasure Island was ultimately sold, but the new ownership chose to make the blackjack games at the casino even more appealing. To this day you can get the best blackjack action on the Strip 24/7.

The Best Treasure Island Blackjack Games

Treasure Island is much like any other American casino. You will see a nice blackjack pit when you enter the casino. There are at least 28 blackjack tables in the pit. This includes standard blackjack as well as variations like Spanish 21. There are also double-deck blackjack games, and this is the game you will want to play if you make the trip to Las Vegas.

Few casinos in Las Vegas today offer double-deck blackjack. The reason is simple. Double-deck Treasure Island blackjack is a game that can be beaten by a card counter. If you have mastered a few card counting systems, you should consider this to the best Treasure Island blackjack game.

For those who have never played this type of blackjack before, the game is dealt by hand instead of from a shoe. The dealer shuffles and deals the cards to the players at the table. It is much easier to maintain a count in this type of blackjack game. But be warned. If you are suspected of card counting you will likely be banned from the casino.

What’s Unique About Treasure Island Blackjack?

As you might imagine, finding a way to stand out on the Las Vegas Strip must be a tall order. Somehow, Treasure Island has managed to do that with its blackjack games. There are literally thousands of blackjack games in the city of Las Vegas. Yet, locals often say that they prefer Treasure Island blackjack for a number of reasons.

One of the things that makes Treasure Island blackjack unique is its table limits. The minimum bet at this casino for a hand of blackjack is $10. The maximum limit is $2,000. Right away you should know that playing blackjack at Treasure Island will require a good bankroll. We recommend that you have at least $500 if you are playing the minimum game of $10.

You can find much cheaper blackjack games in Las Vegas. Some casinos offer $3 per hand blackjack. If you choose to play blackjack online you can find games for $1 per hand. There is nothing wrong with these inexpensive games, but having the bankroll to play for a higher minimum gives you a chance to walk away with a larger profit.

You can also find single-deck blackjack at the Treasure Island casino. This is simply unheard of in live casinos today. The downside here is that the minimum bet for a single-deck game can be $50 or higher. It may be worth giving the game a try if you can play head-to-head against the dealer. Even then the dealer may be required to shuffle the cards after every hand is dealt.

One of the biggest things that makes Treasure Island blackjack unique is that the casino does not spread any 6-5 games beside the single deck game it offers. This means that you will be getting 3-2 payoffs on your blackjacks when you play at Treasure Island. That can add up to a nice profit for you in the long run.

Treasure Island Rewards Program

One of the reasons that locals love Treasure Island casino is the rewards that are given to frequent players. Players can sign up for a loyalty program when they visit Treasure Island. This program rewards players when they play blackjack or any of the other games in the casino.

Players earn loyalty points that can be traded in for free cash, merchandise, or even free hotel stays. All of these benefits add up. Players can even earn free meals with they choose to play blackjack at Treasure Island.

Single and Double Deck Treasure Island Blackjack Games

One final word should be said about the blackjack games at Treasure Island. The single and double-deck games at the casino are usually chosen by the professional blackjack player who resides in Las Vegas full time. These players can jealously guard their territory. If you decide to show up for a short blackjack vacation, be prepared to wait for a seat at the single and double-deck blackjack tables.

If you are fortunate enough to sit down at a blackjack table and play with experienced players, remember that you will be expected to play the game at a certain level. If you fail to maintain that standard, the other players can be downright hostile.

How Treasure Island Can Help Online Blackjack Players

Playing live blackjack is fun. There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it. You can even use your experience with Treasure Island blackjack to become a better online blackjack player. Once you begin to play online you may never want to go back to live casino blackjack.

If you have played live blackjack then you should know what to expect when you visit an online casino. You will find that the online version of the game is played exactly the same. The virtual blackjack tables even look just like the tables online.

The basic blackjack strategy that you have used to play live blackjack will also help you with online blackjack. All the decisions that you can make to improve your hand are exactly the same as the ones you will use in online blackjack.

Playing Treasure Island blackjack can be a thrill. If you plan on visiting Las Vegas, definitely give it a try. Those of you who can’t make it to Sin City can always play blackjack right from the comfort of home. All you need is a computer or mobile device and an account with one of our recommended online casinos. You can read the Casino Max review, Miami Club review , High Country casino review, Cherry Jackpot casino review, or Roaring 21 review to name a few

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