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Before you are able to play online blackjack for real money with consistent success it is necessary to master basic blackjack strategy. The fastest way to memorize basic blackjack strategy is consistent practice. Stick to it and you will learn in no time.

Every player wants to be able to shorten the learning curve for basic strategy in blackjack. It can take many years to become a very successful player. Learning to win on a regular basis can be accomplished much quicker with some simple tips.


A very big key to practice is repetition. You are basically going to want to repeat each basic strategy decisions hundreds or even thousands of times. That means spending hours going over the proper play for each hand.

The problem with repetition is that it can become monotonous. Few people have the patience to do something over and over again until they are able to get it right. Even more important, you need to practice until things become intuitive. That means you start to execute the right play without really consciously thinking about it.

You can sometimes find ways to remain engaged with the blackjack learning process by changing things up some. Even using a different deck of cards can add a little flavor to your practice sessions. Try to keep the process new.

Dealing at Home

For many years the fastest way to memorize basic blackjack strategy or card counting was to grab a deck and deal to yourself at home. You can still use this method to great effect. How well it works for you will come down to discipline.

In Blackjack, some people don’t really have the ability to discipline themselves to practice at home. They get distracted. A good way around this is to find a friend that also likes to play blackjack. You can deal to one another. If one of you begins to fade or lose interest, the other can play the role of coach and set things right.

The attention span of the average player today is not great. It might be a good idea if you opted for shorter training sessions to start. Slowly build up to longer sessions.

Using an App

The great advantage that you have over the blackjack players of the past is living in a glorious era of technology. There are apps available today for your phone or tablet that can often simplify the process of learning basic blackjack strategy.

For you the fastest way to memorize basic blackjack strategy could be to answer questions on an app. A hand will be shown and you will be offered the choice to hit, stand, double, split, surrender, or take insurance. The app will let you know if you have made the right choice.

Apps are very portable. You can take them along with you to the doctor’s office, the coffee shop, or anywhere life takes you. When you have a few minutes just whip out your app and begin to practice for a bit. The results will come quickly.

Playing Free Online Blackjack

Something similar is finding an online casino that also offers free online blackjack games. This way you can play under the pressure of a live environment without having to risk any of your own money. With the right approach this can help you master basic strategy in the shortest possible time.

You can also switch to the real money games of the live casino as soon as you feel comfortable with where you are in your skills. Don’t make the jump too soon. Realize that you have plenty of time to sort things out and that the real money games aren’t going anywhere.

How Long Should It Take?

So, how long should it take you to get a handle on basic strategy and internalize it? The answer is different for everyone, really. One thing that is common for all players is consistency. The more you practice, the faster that you will get there.

Don’t try to cram it all in one session. Instead work a little bit each day until you have it down. When you can go through an entire deck and get 90% of the decisions right, that’s a good start. You are probably ready for some online blackjack tables.

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