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All blackjack players have encountered their share of bad luck at the blackjack table. The typical response is to perhaps have a drink to console themselves or leave the casino with the hopes of fighting again another day. Kerry Johnson is not your typical blackjack player. After a terrible run that left him with just one $25 chip, Johnson used the chip to hold his seat at the table while he made a run to the bank to replenish his bankroll.


Just one small problem. He didn’t bother with using an ATM machine and robbed the joint instead.

Police in Charleston, WV, say the 52-year-old gambler went to a nearby City National Bank and now stands accused of robbing the financial institution. Johnson allegedly left the Mardi Gras Casino in Nitro, WV, drove the short distance to the bank, and walked in wearing a white towel around his neck. Police say Johnson handed the teller a note which indicated he had a bomb and a weapon and also demanded cash. The teller complied with the request and, after the alleged robber left the bank, notified authorities.

Things start to get a little bit crazy after that. The police say that Johnson drove back to the Mardi Gras Casino and resumed his spot at the blackjack table, funding his next session with the bank’s cash. Whether or not Johnson fared better the second time around is unclear.

While Johnson is said to have gambled, police were circulating surveillance footage and still photos of the man in the bank and the getaway car—a green Mazda Miata. An anonymous tip was received by someone who recognized the car and identified the man in the video as Kerry Johnson. It wasn’t long before police tracked him to a residence where they discovered the Miata parked out front. The door was answered by Johnson’s girlfriend who told detectives that the man was sleeping. Police entered the home and found a yellow pad which matched the paper used to write the note as well as a white towel. They also noticed an irregularity in the sofa cushions and uncovered a large amount of currency.

Some of the stolen money was also recovered from the casino, further strengthening the case against Johnson. Johnson, however, maintains his innocence. He has claimed steadfastly that he was not the one who robbed the bank and was at the casino the entire time. Johnson, of course, is innocent until proven guilty, but the evidence seems pretty damning at this point.

There are a few things blackjack players should take away from this episode. First of all, robbing a bank is a bad way to replenish your bankroll. Banks and casinos are two of the most monitored facilities in society. Surveillance cameras will track your every move. Second, if a player is feeling the urge to rob a bank in order to gamble then it is probably time to seek professional help.

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