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When you visit an online casino to play the game of blackjack, you probably don’t think too much about the software that is used to provide the game. There are several reputable online casino software providers that create blackjack games. Here is a closer look at how these companies make games that are both fair and profitable.

How Online Casinos Provide Blackjack Games

There are two types of online blackjack games that are offered today. The first of these is the live dealer blackjack game. The other is the virtual online blackjack game that most people are familiar with. Casino software & blackjack have been a strong combination ever since the first online casinos were introduced.

Software used to create and power online blackjack games is a sophisticated version of something known as a random number generator, or RNG. A random number generator can have many applications in an online casino. It can decide which symbols appear on an online slot machine. It can also determine the numbers on the dice used in craps. The RNG software is also responsible for deciding which cards the player and dealer receive in online blackjack.

The software used for online blackjack has to be both profitable and fair. The best way to make it so is to use a RNG. The results that are obtained in a live casino version of blackjack are also random, and random results guarantee a long-term win for the casino. Blackjack is a gambling game, and that means it has a built-in advantage for the casino. So, by preserving random results with RNG software the online casino can offer a game that makes the casino money and is fair to the player.

The Top Companies for Casino Software & Blackjack

There are a few companies that make blackjack software for the online casino industry. Many of these companies also make casino software for other types of games. When you see the logo for certain online casino game developers displayed at a casino, you can trust that you are getting the best blackjack games on the market. Here is a brief look at the major casino software & blackjack providers.


Betsoft has been developing online casino games for a full decade. That makes it one of the younger software developers for the industry. In addition to blackjack games, Betsoft also develops mobile versions of slots, video poker, and other games.


NetEnt has been in the business of making online blackjack games for 20 years. It is one of the oldest and most respected developers of online casino games. NetEnt has actually been a pioneer when it comes to the development of some blackjack variations. Every year the company introduces a host of new slot machines and table games for mobile and PC platforms.


Microgaming is the true pioneer when it comes to online casino software. This company developed its very first game in 1994. It was also one of the first companies to develop blackjack and other online casino games for mobile platforms. Today, the company is making strides with its development of live dealer table games for online casinos.


Playtech claims that it is the largest developer of online casino gaming software. It has kept itself relevant in the industry by creating games such as speed blackjack. Playtech is also taking more time to focus on the live dealer platforms that online casino players prefer.


RTG, also known as Realtime Gaming, is a company that has been making online casino games since 1998. It has developed a close relationship with many online casino providers, and the number of RTG online blackjack games and other gambling games just continues to grow. RTG is also known for its entertaining slot machine games and complete online casino solutions. A company can partner with RTG to launch a complete online casino in a short period of time.


Rival is a younger company than many of the online casinos on our list, but it has still managed to add over 200 games to its catalog of online casino software. This company specializes in virtual games and has not yet made the switch toward the development of live dealer online blackjack.

The Future of Casino Software & Blackjack

The online casino industry is always changing. Developers must continually strive to make the games look better. They must create realistic online gaming environments that mimic a live casino. With virtual reality becoming more popular, players expect an online casino to be fully immersive.

There is a definite trend now toward the development of live dealer online gambling games. These games have several different advantages for the player. The most important of these advantages is transparency. Players can see everything that is happening in the game. More transparency means more trust, and more player trust means more money being spent at the casino.

Players also seem to like the way that live dealer blackjack platforms give them an opportunity to interact with the blackjack dealer and other players at the table. This is more like the live casino environment that people crave.

Someday casino software & blackjack may be able to even replicate the sounds, smells, and sights of a live casino like never before. In fact, it can already do a pretty good job with two out of three. Online casinos are counting on players spending more money as online casino environments become more immersive. To play blackjack for money online we recommend that you try one of the recommended casinos that we list on the website. All have great casino bonuses including reload bonuses and no deposit bonuses.

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