Do you want to become a master at the game of blackjack? For true live or online blackjack mastery there are six things all players must know. When you have grasped these concepts, you will be well on your way to winning with consistency.

What is Blackjack Mastery?

Counting Edge would define blackjack mastery as the complete understanding of the game. Mastery means that you have perfected basic blackjack strategy, and it also means that you are able to use a number of card counting systems. You should also be proficient at money management and knowing how to choose the very best games.

Remember, online blackjack has changed the landscape of the blackjack world to some extent. With so many games available now online, you have to know how to choose the best ones as well as how to pick a good online casino. There is no substitute for an abundance of knowledge when it comes to blackjack.

What separates mastery at the game from simple success? The main difference is consistency. You have to be able to sit down with the confidence that most of your sessions will be winning ones. And the results of your play must back up this confidence. Losing becomes the rare exception and not the rule when you are a blackjack master.

Without further discussion, let’s look at the six things you need to know about blackjack mastery.

1 – Blackjack is a Game of Skill, Not Luck

Most people correctly assume that casino gambling is all about luck. Casinos depend upon games of chance to make a profit. It would be wrong to lump blackjack in with most other casino games. The game differs because it includes an element of skill.

In blackjack you are tasked with making decisions on your hand. In other casino games you are at the mercy of a random result. There is an undeniable element of skill in blackjack that allows you to shift the odds in your favor. That element is represented by something known as basic blackjack strategy.

Over time players have determined the most advantageous play to make in almost every situation you will encounter at online blackjack. These plays are referenced in basic strategy charts like the ones you will find here on Counting Edge.

The bottom line is that your decisions at the blackjack table have an impact on whether you win or lose. That makes blackjack a game of skill.

2 – Beating Blackjack Consistently is Possible

Because blackjack involves skill as well as luck, it is possible to beat the game on a consistent basis. This is exactly what professional blackjack players have been doing for many years. There are almost no other games in the casino which allow for the possibility of long-term winning.

Blackjack mastery means that you are able to win a majority of your online blackjack sessions. Losing should be rare. When you have done everything right, the house edge against you is virtually eliminated.

3 – The Casinos Do Not Like Blackjack Masters

Live and online casinos are keenly aware that blackjack masters do indeed exist. They don’t like it, but there is little they can do to prevent it. Still, casinos have developed ways to make sure that blackjack masters are not able to take them to the cleaners.

Efforts to criminally prosecute card counters have largely failed in the courts, but the casino has other options. They can “back off” a blackjack master by forcing them to flat bet, or they can just ask them to leave the casino and never return. Casinos can ban you without much cause. They are private establishments who reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

A part of being a master at blackjack is knowing how and when to avoid a back off. You have to learn how to conceal your advantage play if you want to make a living playing blackjack. Once the casinos has marked you as an advantage player, things will become more difficult. The true masters of the game are also masters of camouflage. They know how to disguise their ability.

4 – Blackjack Mastery is a Lifestyle

When you are lucky enough to find an expert at blackjack to reveal their secrets, you will likely find that the expert lives their passion for the game 24/7. Instead of just playing the game from time to time they fully immerse themselves in it. They play, they read, they study, they practice.

Getting good at the game means making it a lifestyle. You will never stop learning because the game of blackjack is always evolving. You can only change with the game when you stay connected to it. Always keep your hand on the pulse.

A great way to stay relevant in the game of blackjack is to play as much as you can online. This is a way that allows you to remain aware of any new changes to the game.

5 – Blackjack Masters Never Stop Learning

To continue the thoughts on learning being a lifelong process, we should stress that new card counting methods and improvements to basic blackjack strategy are always being made. People refine their approaches. Some refinements work and are added to the knowledge of the game while others get tossed aside.

In order to maintain your edge and achieve blackjack mastery you will need to keep learning. Read the new books that are released by other blackjack professionals. A good library is worth its weight in gold.

6 – You Must Believe in Yourself to Win at Blackjack

Never underestimate the confidence that is needed to succeed at blackjack on the master’s level. Some people may think that the professional blackjack player can come across as arrogant and cocky. This is just evidence that the player is comfortable with their skills.

The right mental attitude is always needed when you gamble. This is true in all gambling games, not just blackjack. If you sit down and expect to lose, lose you will. Always believe that you will succeed.

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