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✔️ USA Players Welcome

Here at Counting Edge we often recommend a grinding strategy for the average blackjack player that wants to make a consistent profit. The Steady Grinder 2-5 blackjack betting system is a progression of wagering and a money management system that aims to build your bankroll in small steps. Before you know it, you could add hundreds of dollars to your blackjack betting capital.

We have put together a review of the the Steady Grinder 2-5. This review will give you the information you need to use this progression when you are playing live blackjack or when you are playing at an online casino.

About the Steady Grinder 2-5 Blackjack Bankroll Management Method

The credit for this blackjack betting system can be given to the CEG Dealer School in Las Vegas. You can watch a video for the Steady Grinder 2-5 blackjack system on the school’s YouTube channel. Many Las Vegas dealers are trained by the school, but CEG is also known for testing out different blackjack betting methods.

Of course, helping dealers become familiar with the blackjack betting system will allow them to spot it when it is being used at the live tables. Some casinos expect their dealers to report players that seek to use any type of advantage play at the game of blackjack.

The name of the system reflects a gambling approach that has been successful for many blackjack players. Grinding in blackjack or other gambling games is attempting to squeeze out a small but consistent profit. The grinder in blackjack rarely swings for the fences or attempts to achieve a massive win in a single session. The grinder is happy with a consistent $100-$300 each day. Many professional gamblers make a living by grinding.

You will want to buy-in for $200-$300 with the Steady Grinder 2-5. You will also be betting in units, and any unit will work. We recommend that you play $10 units. This is one area where we disagree a little bit with the authors of the system. You should always have a bankroll of at least 50X the minimum unit that you will play. For a $10 bettor that means a starting bankroll of $500.

It has been suggested that you play the system until you either go bust or double your starting stake. We never suggest that you play until you go bust. Setting a loss limit is just as important as setting a win limit. The idea of walking away when you have doubled your money is sound.

How the Steady Grinder 2-5 Works

Like most blackjack betting methods, this is a progression. It follows a specific formula or plan. The system in itself is not very complex. In fact, this is one of the most simple betting systems and progressions that we have ever reviewed.

The steps of the Steady Grinder 2-5 are:

  • Begin with a bet of 2 units
  • Increase by 1 unit after each win
  • Repeat until a bet of 5 units is reached
  • At 5 units, take profit and start over again at 2
  • Only increase the bet after a win
  • Regress to 2 units and start over after a loss

In this manner you will be making a slow but steady profit. The system is designed to help you keep your losses to a minimum while maximizing your profits and taking advantage of winning streaks.

The Differences Between a Blackjack Betting System and Blackjack Strategy

It would be a mistake to confuse a blackjack betting system with a blackjack strategy. The two can be used together, and should be, but they are not the same thing in any regard. Blackjack betting systems involve the way that you manage your money during a gambling session. They are only related to the decisions that you make with money, not the decisions you make with your cards.

Basic blackjack strategy is the proper protocol for acting on your hand once the cards have been dealt. It governs whether you will hit, stand, double, or split. Basic strategy has been perfected and refined over many years and represents the general consensus of many blackjack players. You should not try to alter this strategy too much, although there are some minor variations that are useful.

You do not have to know basic blackjack strategy to use the Steady Grinder 2-5. That is up to you. As a newcomer that might not know basic strategy, some plan is better than no plan. These things will work best when combined with one another.

Playing Online Blackjack With the Steady Grinder 2-5 System

Blackjack betting systems like this one are perfect for the online casino. You can easily use this system when playing at any of the online casinos that we recommend. A great advantage is that many online casinos will allow you to play online blackjack for just $1 per hand. You can learn the system with less risk than you would encounter in a live venue where the minimum bet is often $10 or more.

Some online casinos also have a free version of the blackjack game. You can practice with this game for nothing, and you can test the system for yourself to see how well it works.

Pros and Cons of the Steady Grinder 2-5 Blackjack Betting System

Here is a look at the positive and negatives you may want to consider.


  • Very easy progression system to learn
  • Consistent profits
  • Can be used online or in free blackjack games


  • Can take time to make a profit
  • Not enough excitement for the high roller
  • Suggested bankroll requirement is too low

Our View of the Steady Grinder 2-5 Bankroll System

When we saw this system tested it did pretty well against a control hand that was flat bet. The point? Most blackjack betting systems are better than simple flat betting at the blackjack table. We like this system because it is simple to learn. Even the beginner can get the basics of it down in just a few minutes, and there is no complex math required.

You should definitely create and stick to an exit strategy when you use this system. Walking away when broke is never a good plan. Follow the steps, stay conservative, and you just might find that the Steady Grinder 2-5 system is a pathway to consistent blackjack profits. Not all, buy their are many online casinos accepting USA players, such as casino Max, Lucky Red Casino, or Las Vegas USA. Also consider this before you play blackjack online for real money.

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