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In the classification of blackjack betting systems, the Dubois ranks as one of the more complex. It is probably not suited for someone who has little blackjack betting experience. The Dubois blackjack betting system also comes with higher risk, but the reward can be great.

Before you attempt to put this money management method into practice, we’ve prepared a guide. Here’s everything you need to know about how the Dubois works, and the profits that you stand to make.

About the Dubois Blackjack Betting System

The CEG Dealer School in Las Vegas, Nevada brought this system to our attention. We assume the original creator of the method must have been named Dubois, but little information about the inventor is available. It seems to be a fairly new method of managing a blackjack bankroll. As such, other systems may be more proven.

The Dubois can be rightly classified as a blackjack betting progression system. Such systems have a single goal in mind. They aim to maximize betting proficiency to achieve a greater profit. Good systems also seek to minimize risk.

This system would be regarded as harder than others to master. To succeed, a player will need to have some familiarity with how blackjack betting progressions work. There are other systems that Counting Edge has reviewed which are much better for the beginner to try.

You can play the Dubois in either a live setting or online. It is suited for either, but playing online may have some advantages that we will explore later.

How the Dubois Works

In this system you will be buying in with $250. Your ultimate goal is to walk away with a profit of 50%, or $125. So, you are risking $250 to win $125. This is not our preferred approach if you want to have long-term betting success. To be fair, those who advocate the use of the Dubois do state that it is meant to be used short term in a smash-and-grab type of approach.

It is assumed that you will be playing at a $5 table when you use the method. All the bets are described in units, so the system can be played at any table minimum that you choose. Just be aware that the starting bankroll requirement will go up as the table minimum increases.

What this system depends on is a winning streak. It is meant to keep the bets low until such a streak occurs. When using such a system you could be marked by a live casino as an advantage player.

The progression proceeds as follows:

  • Start the progression with two units, or $10 at a $5 table
  • If the hand wins, regress to one unit
  • If the second hand wins, jump to three units
  • If third hand wins, regress to one unit
  • If fourth hand wins, jump to seven units
  • If fifth hand wins regress to one unit
  • If sixth hand wins, jump to fifteen units
  • If seventh hand wins, regress to one unit
  • If eighth hand wins, jump to 31 units
  • Any loss in the sequence requires starting over with two units

As you can see the best time to lose a hand in the sequence is when the bet is one unit. Again, the progression simplified in terms of units is:


At the end of the progression you would be able to walk away with the expected profit.

Can Dubois Betting in Blackjack Replace Basic Strategy?

The first time we heard this system described it was called a strategy instead of a system. There is big difference between the two. The Dubois is a blackjack betting system and does not have anything to do with basic blackjack strategy. In fact, success in the Dubois depends on basic strategy.

Basic blackjack strategy remains the same and does not change. There are only minor variations. Blackjack betting systems like the Dubois can vary from system to system. You still need to be using basic strategy if you expect to be a consistent winner at blackjack, no matter which progression that you may be using.

Using Blackjack Betting Systems Online

It is very possible, and advantageous to use blackjack betting strategies when you are playing online blackjack. In fact, we suggest that you always have a plan for betting when you play.

The Dubois blackjack progression might be a good choice for online play because the table limits can be lower. You can play online blackjack for as little as $1 per hand. You could learn the Dubois online for far less that you could if you were playing the system at a live casino.

There are other advantages of playing online, of course. You could say that it is more convenient, and it is also possible to play with a phone or tablet as well as a computer.

Pros and Cons

The Dubois system is not going to appeal to everyone. Here is a look some of the pros and cons.


  • It will work in an online blackjack environment
  • There is a chance to win a large sum
  • The built-in regression of the system allows players a longer chance to win with the system.


  • The system depends upon a long streak to work, at least 9 eight or nine winning hands in a row
  • Very complex
  • Can require a larger starting bankroll

Our View of the Dubois Betting Progression

This is not a blackjack betting system that we would recommend for beginners or even the average player. There are a lot of bets to keep up with, and the progression is not simple. It bears a slight resemblance to the up-and-pull system that we have recommended to Counting Edge readers, but there are significant swings in the amount of units on each bet.

The seasoned pro could probably make this betting progression win with regularity at the online casino. Do you have what it takes to try it out? Sign up with one of our online casinos for real money today and you’ll get a large welcome bonus on your first deposit. You can use your bonus blackjack money to determine if the Dubois is right for your style of play.

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