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Playing blackjack for real money at an online casino is about winning cash, right? Yes, but you can also be rewarded for your play with comps. This is also true in live casino blackjack. Playing for comps at blackjack can add to the overall value you get from the game. You will need to make a few simple adjustments to the way you play to rack up those comp points quickly.

What Are Comps in Blackjack?

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First, let’s address what comps are. These perks can come in a number of forms. Comps are rewards that the casino gives to its most loyal players. Most online and live casinos have a comps program that you are automatically enrolled in when you sign up for an account.

It is common for casinos to call this a VIP program. For every dollar that you wager on blackjack or other games, the casino will give you points. You can then redeem these points for cash, free spins, or

even merchandise.

Casinos like to give away comps because they are a good way to keep players in the casino. They also make it likely that players will continue to gamble. Giving away comps points doesn’t really cost the casino anything until the points are redeemed. A lot of players choose free cash which is then put back into the casino.

Earning Comps in Blackjack

The way that you earn comps points in blackjack is by playing your favorite of all table games. In most cases, you earn points automatically when you sign into your account and begin playing. Points are usually given to you at a predetermined rate.

There is usually a graphic at online casinos which displays the amount of VIP points that you have earned. You can also find your points balance in the cashier section of the casino website. There will also be a list of the various rewards that you can redeem with your points.

When it comes time to choose and redeem the points that you have earned, you only need to choose which reward you want and click on it. The points needed for that reward will be deducted from your balance, and the remaining balance will be displayed. You will now have access to the rewards you earned. If it is free cash, the cash will be available for wagering.

Why Playing for Comps at Blackjack is Smart

With your online casino account you could earn points from almost any game in the casino. There are some games which are better than others. Specifically, you need to be playing online casino games that have a low house edge if you want to earn the most points at a decent rate. Blackjack has the lowest house edge of any table game when it is played properly.

Why does this matter? It means that your risk is lower when you play blackjack. A lower risk means losing less per hour. You want to earn as many points as you can without losing money in the process. It would be a fool’s errand if you earned points only to lose large sums of money in the process. Winning in addition to earning points is possible when you are playing blackjack.

Tips to Improve Earning Comps at Blackjack

It can be possible for you to maximize the amount of points you earn at blackjack when playing online. There are a few tricks to be aware of.

Points are tied directly to how much money you spend. If you are fortunate enough to have a large bankroll and can play for higher stakes, you will earn the points that you want quickly. We do not suggest that you play over your head just to earn points. Play to win first, within your means.

On the other hand, sometimes slowing down the game is a way to earn more points. Some online casinos may reward you for the time that you play in addition to the money you spend. If you need to slow down the game, try betting the minimum amount on each hand.

You can start earning comps from an online casino right now when you sign up with one of our recommended online casinos. You can also get a nice casino bonus when you make your first deposit such as no deposit bonuses,  and reload bonuses.

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