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✔️ USA Players Welcome

Strategy is so important to success in blackjack. What is the best way to learn basic blackjack strategy? It can vary according to the learning style of the player. There are a few common methods which seem to work for all players. Here’s a look.

Simulate Real Blackjack Games Online for Free

Playing blackjack online is the preferred way for many successful players who make a consistent profit. You Blackjack strategy chart probably expect that an online casino would only offer real money games. The opposite is true in many cases. Some online casinos have free versions of their games that you can play, and this includes blackjack. We also have 2 Free blackjack games on our website!

The advantages of playing online blackjack for free as a learning tool should be obvious. A free game simulates exactly what you will experience in a live game for real money. The same software platform is used, the same options are offered, and making bets is identical. You get the feel of a real money game without having to make a deposit at the online casino using bitcoin.

You can practice at home and duplicate a real game, but it is a lot easier to sit back and let the casino do the work. Not only will you learn basic strategy, you will also become familiar with the casino and can decide if it is a good fit for you.

Play Online Blackjack Every Day

The masters of blackjack know that the best way to learn basic blackjack strategy is to play online blackjack every day. You have a great advantage over blackjack players of the past. You don’t have to make a trip to a live casino and spend money to practice. Just open up your phone or tablet, select a free game, and play.

In other words, you have no excuse for not playing. Playing blackjack online can be done almost anywhere at any time of the day or night. When you play each day, even for a short time, good things happen. You start to develop the intuitive knowledge of basic blackjack strategy that will make you a successful player.

Repetition is what allows you to internalize the moves and decisions that you need to make at the blackjack table. You need to practice them over and over again until they are second nature. It may sounds funny but you almost want to be able to do it even when you are zoned out. Pro blackjack players have become so good at basic blackjack strategy that they don’t really even pause to think about many of the plays they make. They just execute according to basic blackjack strategy.

Make a Game of It

You can approach the best way to learn basic blackjack strategy in a couple of ways. You can make it like work and a chore, or you can make a game of it and have fun. The latter option is far better.

How do you make it fun? You could start by tracking your streaks of making the correct play. Try to see how many plays you can make in a row before making a mistake. When you do make a mistake, execute that same play ten times in a row. As you do, repeat to yourself the reason why this decision is made in the manner that it is. You need to create a way to erase the mistake that you made mentally and replace it with the correct information.

Card counters have known for many years that using this type of approach will take the work out of things. If you start to feel like the process of learning basic blackjack strategy is a job, you will slowly lose your joy of just playing the game.

Use Strategy Cards and Practice at Home

One of the best resources for learning when it comes to basic strategy are charts, cards cheat sheets. You can purchase cards from any number of online sources, or you can buy them at live casinos. You can even find basic strategy charts here at Counting Edge. Just pull them up and refer to them as you practice.

When we suggested that you practice blackjack with an online casino, we did not mean to say that you should never just spend a few hours at home with you charts and cards. In fact, you don’t even need a deck of cards to practice this way. Just read the cards and charts, memorize the data they contain, and then try to apply that knowledge without referring to the charts. See how many times you get it right.

Test Your Knowledge Before Playing for Real Money

The learning process of basic blackjack strategy should be somewhat mastered before you start playing for real money. So, how will you know when you are ready to tackle the actual online casinos and put your money on the line?

You do that by playing the free games or by setting up a free game at home. Keep detailed records of your wagering sessions. Once you are able to show an imaginary consistent profit, the time has come for you to begin playing for real cash.

Our advice on this is that you do not need to rush the process. If you begin before you are ready the losses will mount up. You will then become frustrated with your lack of success and deem that all your work has been in vain. The online casino and the game of blackjack is not going anywhere. It will not pass you by. Put in the time to find the best way to learn basic blackjack strategy and you will rise to the top of the heap.

We would recommend that you choose one of our recommended online casinos when you are ready to practice your basic blackjack strategy. Many of them will give you a welcome bonus when you sign up and make your first deposit. Signing up takes just a few minutes. You can be playing right from home with a computer or mobile device.

If you are ready to start playing blackjack online, check our Casino Max, Roar 21, High Country, Cherry Jackpot, LasVegasUSA casino reviews. Also avoid mistakes players do when playing online blackjack for real money!

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