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Ken Einiger is a great example of a modern blackjack player that has become famous. His name will be familiar to many of the younger readers that we have at Counting Edge. Einiger vaulted into the blackjack spotlight by winning the prestigious World Series of Blackjack in 2005. He has remained a top player since that time, and has even played a role in the development of the CBS Ultimate Blackjack Tour television series.

One of the things that makes Ken Einiger such an amazing study in the world of professional blackjack is that he openly favors the tournament style. Most professional blackjack players like to remain with the regular game for the best chance to make a living. Blackjack tournaments are difficult to win, but Einiger has been a consistent performer. Here’s a closer look at this blackjack celebrity.

About Ken Einiger

Ken Einiger is originally from New York. He was born there in 1960. It would be more correct to say that Einiger calls Florida home because his family moved to the Sunshine State when Ken was only ten years old. For the next 33 years, Ken lived and worked in Florida. He became a successful businessman, running several companies.

Along the way Einiger got married, and he also began to perfect his skill at the game of blackjack. His wife was supportive when Einiger decided to move to Las Vegas in 2003. Taking that step is a huge risk for anyone that wants to gamble professionally. Einiger handled it in stride, and had enough success in the beginning to remain in the game.

While he is a stellar blackjack player, Einiger soon realized that he preferred the tournament version of the game. In a blackjack tournament several players compete against one another to see who can build the largest bankroll. Blackjack tournaments are a test of skill, blackjack strategy, money management, and endurance. It also helps to find yourself a little bit lucky. That happened for Einiger when he won the 2005 World Series of Blackjack just two short years after arriving in Las Vegas.

When a gambler is lucky enough to win a big tournament right out of the gate, this can help them to cement their position in the gambling world. It gives them a bankroll to get their career off and running. Ken was smart enough to realize that many players squander this opportunity. He decided that he would build other types of income streams that are related to blackjack. One of these has been giving blackjack lessons to those who are willing to pay for instruction from a world champion.

Ken Einiger has also been sought our for his experience and knowledge. He reportedly offered consultation to CBS for the development of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour television program.

Upon his victory in the 2005 World Series of Blackjack, Einiger was surprised by his wife with a championship ring that was inspired by the championship rings received by sports teams. Ken has always maintained that his good relationship at home is what allows him to perform at a high level. This can be a lesson for anyone with a family that aspires to play blackjack.

Blackjack Books by Ken Einiger

Success in the blackjack tournament arena has given Ken the opportunity to write a book about blackjack called Play to Win. In the book, Einiger recounts his aggressive strategies to succeed at professional gambling. The focus of his books is on the game of blackjack, but he has made it clear that he also applies many of the same strategies to poker and other gambling games.

Of course, some of what Ken teaches is geared toward the tournament scene. This will be useful to players who want to compete on the live blackjack scene where regular tournaments are offered. There are some online sites that are now beginning to offer tournaments as well as live dealer games.

Ken Einiger Becomes a World Champion

After his success in the World Series of Blackjack, Einiger also went on to become a finalist in a million-dollar blackjack tournament that was sponsored by the Hilton Las Vegas. In this tournament, Ken found his skill at blackjack tested against the very best in the world. This included noted blackjack author Stanford Wong. Other players included Rick Jensen and Anthony Curtis.

Ken would probably state that the intense pressure of a professional blackjack tournament is able to help a player become better at the regular tables in a casino. This is because winning a tournament demands mastery in multiple areas. No one can win a tournament on skill alone. They must also know how to manage a bankroll, the proper size bets to make, and how to finish strong while protecting a chip lead.

If blackjack tournament sounds like something that you would like to explore, you might want to check out our recommended online casinos. At these casinos you can learn how to play blackjack for as little as $1 a hand. You can also earn free entries into blackjack tournaments when you earn points for frequent play. check out some online casinos accepting U.S. Players such as casino Max, Lucky Red Casino, or Jackpot City outside the US.

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