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Bill Zender

At Counting Edge we have covered many famous blackjack players. Bill Zender deserves a profile on our website for a different reason. Zender is more than just an expert at blackjack and other casino games. He is an industry insider that has worked for some of the leading gaming companies in Las Vegas. Bill has also authored multiple books on casino games, and even runs his own consulting company.

There are many things that aspiring blackjack players can learn from the work of Bill Zender. This is especially true for those who have an interest in counting cards. Knowing how an insider looks at counting and basic blackjack strategy can be an invaluable resource today if you are playing live. It can even help if you play blackjack mostly online.

About Bill Zender

Bill Zender was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1955. Little seems to be known about the upbringing of Bill Zender, but according to his website and other sources he began to explore opportunities in the gaming industry around the time that he entered college as a freshman at UNLV.

Bill was captivated by different aspects of the live casino business as it was operated in Las Vegas. The first of these led to a degree in Hotel Administration from UNLV. Zender was determined to rise through the ranks as a casino executive. He accomplished this goal by serving in various roles for famous Las Vegas casinos like the Desert Inn, Maxim, and Aladdin Hotel. At most of these jobs Zender was tasked with overseeing specific games.

In 1979, Bill Zender was convinced to join the Nevada Gaming Control Board. His new job required the executive to complete peace officer training. This began the work of Zender in casino security. He would use his experience in this field to help other casino managers improve their skills at detecting casino cheaters and card counters.

Most professional card counters would consider Bill Zender an adversary. They would point to his books and other efforts to help casinos overcome the advantages of the card counter as an example. They would also note that Zender has been called many times to testify in court on behalf of popular casinos. The courts regard him as an expert witness in the field of casino gaming.

Books by Bill Zender on Casino Gaming

Bill Zender has written seven books on various aspects of casino gaming. The most popular of these is probably Card Counting for the Casino Executive. It is a useful book for both those who work in the casino industry as well as those who play blackjack for real money for a living. The main premise of the book is to teach casino executives how to spot a counter and the measures which should be taken.

Why should you read Bill Zender’s book if you are a card counter? It may be able to help you understand what the security personnel in a live casino are looking for. If you know that, evasion is more easily accomplished.

Zender has also written other books about games like PaiGow and advantage play. These books are studied by aspiring casino managers who want to use their knowledge to maximize the profits that are taken in by a casino. You can see the best blackjack books here.

Casino Consulting by Bill Zender

For the past few years, Bill Zender has operated his own consulting company which was created to provide services to live casinos. From dealer training to card counting detection, Zender and his associates are actively involved in helping casinos run a more profitable business. In this capacity, Zender is not the player’s friend.

We recommend studying this blackjack personality because he has made a career of studying the game. He knows what it takes to operate a successful casino, and he is a familiar face in court matters that involve casinos and players which are at odds with one another. If you intend to try and make a living at live blackjack, knowing what Zender knows will only help your case.

There is a way that you can avoid casino executives like Bill Zender. That is to play blackjack online with one of our recommended casinos. You may not need to leave your home to enjoy the game of blackjack with your computer, phone, or tablet. The best part is that many online casinos that we recommend accept US players.

All you need to know to play blackjack online is a grasp of basic strategy. The cards are virtually shuffled after each hand, so card counting rarely comes into play. Give it a try today, and don’t forget to take advantage of any bonus offers that may be waiting for you.

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