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The Trioplay Blackjack System is somewhat unique as far as blackjack systems go. Whereas most blackjack systems, even those published in books by authors like Stanford Wong and Arnold Snyder, have been readily available on the Internet for years, the Trioplay system has somehow managed to remain something of a secret.

The only way to access the system was to purchase it via the Internet for around $30, and those who bought it were prohibited from revealing the system’s methods. If it seems impossible that any system for sale on the Internet could be kept a secret, it is. Even though the creators of the Trioplay system have sought to keep the system in the hands of those who buy it, some details have leaked out.

Counting Edge does not believe in revealing the work of others just for the sake of updating our website. That would be unfair to the creators of the Trioplay system. While we will not discuss specifics, there are several elements of this system that are things we can discuss.

Decoding the Trioplay System

The first thing that needs to be mentioned about the Trioplay system is that it is what is known as a positive progression system. A positive progression blackjack system is one that has the player increase their bets when winning and decrease them when losing. In the long run, a positive progression system is a better proposition that a negative progression.

Many positive progression systems have the player doubling the bet after each winning hand. The Trioplay advocates a different type of progression by increasing the bet in smaller increments, usually by one unit at a time.

Here is an example:

  • Hand 1 Bet 1 unit W
  • Hand 2 Bet 2 units W
  • Hand 3 Bet 3 units W
  • Hand 4 Bet 4 units W
  • Hand 5 Bet 5 units L

Whenever a loss occurs the player begins the betting progression over again with a bet of one unit. In this example we can see that over these five hands the Trioplay system performed as follows:

  • Bet of 15 units
  • Won 10 units
  • Lost 5 units
  • Profit of 5 units

As far as blackjack systems go, the Trioplay did very well in this example. A five-unit profit over five hands is actually a very good percentage in blackjack.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned about the Trioplay system is that it relies on basic blackjack strategy in order to be effective. This is standard in all systems. No blackjack system can make you a winner if you fail to apply the principles of basic blackjack strategy.

Card counting is not required in order to use the Trioplay system, but it does increase the effectiveness of the betting method. When one is card counting, the key is to keep the bets at a minimum amount until the count becomes favorable. In other words, you would bet only the table minimum until the count became positive. At that point you would start to use the Trioplay system to make your bets.

When the Trioplay system is combined with basic strategy and expertise at card counting, the results can be very good.

A System for Conservative Players

The Trioplay system is perfect for those who are new to the game of blackjack because it encourages a very conservative betting approach. It does not require a lot of money to use the system in live play.

Conservative blackjack players use the Trioplay system in order to consistently win small profits at the blackjack table. These small profits are added back to the bankroll so that the player can then play in bigger blackjack games and make a greater profit.

This style of play is known as Small Ball Blackjack, something we have described in our own Counting Edge blackjack system. Someone playing Small Ball Blackjack will not be trying to win millions in one sitting at the blackjack table. They will be setting very strict win/loss limits and gradually building their bankroll.

Those who play blackjack for fun or only make infrequent trips to the casino will find the Trioplay system a good choice. It is far better reserved for the recreational player. Professional players may find the system too simple.

Summing up the Trioplay System

If you want to find out exactly what the Trioplay system entails, you will have to spend the $30 for it via the Internet. The Trioplay is a commercial system. This simply means that it was specifically created to sell.

The problem with commercial blackjack systems is that they are often developed by people with little or no blackjack experience. Anyone can assemble information that has been available online for many years, compile an ebook, and slap a price tag on it while calling it an exclusive system. A blackjack player may be disappointed when the buy the system because all of the information in it is just a rehash of other material.

We don’t want to accuse the creators of the Trioplay system of this, but we would caution Counting Edge readers to carefully consider what we have written before making a purchase. If you feel comfortable spending the money and believe you will receive a fair value in exchange then by all means go ahead. Just don’t expect to find any earth shattering blackjack concepts in this system.

A good suggestion would be to save the money it will cost to purchase the Trioplay system and use it instead to open an account at one of the online casinos featured on Counting Edge. The information here will serve you very well in online blackjack for real money and you just might turn your $30 into $300.

Any blackjack system is only as good as the player who uses it, so if you do decide to give the Trioplay a trial run just be sure to memorize basic blackjack strategy and spend a few hours practicing your favorite counting method at home. If you do this, you will have a great chance of winning!You can read the Casino Max review, Miami Club review , High Country casino review, Cherry Jackpot casino review, or Roaring 21 review to name a few.

2 Response Comments

  • onemplusJanuary 4, 2016 at 7:48 am

    Excellent articles on Progression Systems and I would like to add something to the pot in particular to the ‘Trioplay System’.

    As far as progression system go there can only be a finite number of ways to apply them and only a finite number of progression system that can exist but command all sorts of labels, many denoting much the same thing. Trioplay seems to have differential and fractional betting stakes. One aim is to keep the flux down by betting with part a unit instead of complete doubling of units bets. This is beneficial if the bankroll is small or the AP/Player is less aggressive.

    Thus, on winning streaks it is important to increase the bet but by how much? We could double each time there is a win or we could just increase by a fraction of our original bet. With losing streaks, the bet stakes are reduced to a minimum. This differential when applied to winning and losing streaks is a principal point to enhancing profits.

    For me, I prefer to play with minimal rent and will start to apply such progression systems when the True count gives me at least 0.5% advantage.

    When the count has gone sky high, I agree with many of the posts that we can lose just as many if not more of the big hands even though we have naturally high expectations of winning them. I suffer in BJ because I am not a complete robot, so perhaps taking some of the profits during high streaks is good at least for one’s psychology.

    The casino with its ‘infinite bank’ takes the punters’ money by millions of cuts so it should be the same for the AP. By using cuts inline with our bankroll we should then be able to mirror to a degree what the casino does. In effect, if the bank roll is sufficient to contain the flux for any given session we should never go to ROR.

    • countingedgeJanuary 4, 2016 at 5:06 pm

      Helo Onemplus,

      Thank you for your great comment and for sharing your experience. You mention “Risk of ruin” (ROR) towards the end and it is something that we have not covered yet n the site and it would be a nice addition for the people not familiar with the term. Thanks!


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