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Here at Counting Edge we encounter many blackjack betting systems. Sometimes a system can involve adjustments to basic play, but most systems are actually ways of betting at online or live blackjack. The Pump and Dump blackjack system is one of these. It strives to give players a quick double up at the blackjack table in just three hands.

There is no quick way to riches when it comes to gambling, but blackjack is one of the best games in the casino for players. The Pump and Dump can be a way to make a quick profit when the conditions are right. Here’s a closer look at this system.

About the Pump and Dump Blackjack Betting System

The Pump and Dump came to our attention from the CEG Dealer School in Las Vegas. You can watch this blackjack betting system in action on the CEG YouTube channel. The school trains dealers and helps them to find work in live casinos. They did not create the Pump and Dump, and its actual origins are unknown.

At the heart of this betting system is a goal of doubling up one’s original stack. The suggested buy-in is $400. So, the player is looking to achieve an overall profit of $400 before ending the session. The system is simple to execute, and it can produce the desired results in a matter of minutes.

The Pump and Dump is a Blackjack Money Management Strategy

We are sometimes asked if these betting systems are a type of basic blackjack strategy. They are not. Basic strategy refers to the decisions that a player is asked to make at the blackjack table. Strategy in blackjack is a constant and does not change in its most simple form. Players have learned over the years the best way to play each hand.

A money management strategy, or betting system, only involves the way a player makes their bets at the blackjack table. Betting systems depend on basic blackjack strategy to be effective, but the opposite is not true. If you use a betting system without the knowledge of how to play your hand, you will likely lose no matter how good the betting system is.

Basic strategy and blackjack money management were meant to work together. Consider betting systems to be another tool in your toolbox.

How to Play the Pump and Dump Blackjack System

Now let’s take a look at how to execute the Pump and Dump system in an actual casino. You can play this system online, and we recommend that you do so. You can even give it a try at the free blackjack games that you might play on your phone or tablet.

The minimum buy-in for this system is $400 if you are playing at a table with a $5 minimum bet. That is about 80X the table minimum, but you are going to be betting two units as a minimum You begin the progression by making an opening wager of $10.

If you win the first bet, your next bet is $40. If you win the second bet, your next bet is $160. Winning the third bet completes the progression and the player now has an overall profit of $210. A new progression is started with the original $10 stake.

Again, the progression is:

Bet 1: $10 WIN – Profit $10

Bet 2: $40 WIN – Profit $40

Bet 4: $160 WIN – Profit $160

If at any time in the progression a bet is lost, the system starts over again. This makes it a risky system. The entire method depends upon three winning hands in a row, but a player may lose several times without every reaching that threshold.

If the $400 stake is lost, the session is over. Players should not buy-in for more money an effort to try and recoup the original stake.

Pump and Dump Pros and Cons

When tested over one shoe at a Las Vegas dealer school, the Pump and Dump produced an $80 overall profit. In comparison, flat betting the same shoe produced a win of $30. This tells us that the shoe itself was positive.

The cons of this system are:

  • Requires a large starting bankroll
  • Depends on a streak of three winning hands
  • Can break the player quickly if the deck is cold

The pros of the Pump and Dump include:

  • A chance to make a large profit in just a few minutes
  • Simple to play
  • Can be used online or live

One final thing. Success at the Pump and Dump blackjack system requires that players have the discipline to walk away when they have made their profit. No blackjack betting system will help you if you are unable to take a profit and leave. There is money to be made playing blackjack online.  To play online, check our Casino Max, Roar 21, High Country, Cherry Jackpot, Lucky Red Casino, Las Vegas USA to name a few.

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