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Anyone that has been playing casino games for a few years will be familiar with the basic Martingale blackjack betting system. Originally designed to be applied to roulette, the CTB Martingale is a version that can be used when playing live or online blackjack. This type of betting progression is very controversial, but it does have the potential to produce winning blackjack sessions.

Before you decide to use the CTB Martingale system for blackjack, here is a helpful review of the progression. We’ll look at how much money you need to play, the bets that you’ll be making, and the targets that you want to set for an exit. Remember, you can try this system at some of the online casinos we recommend for as little as $1 per hand.

About the CTB Martingale Blackjack Bankroll Betting Method

It is believed that a blackjack player from Indiana created this blackjack betting progression. He passed it along to a prominent dealer school in Las Vegas who gave the system its name. It is inspired by the original Martingale but combines elements of both positive and negative progressions.

For those unfamiliar, the Martingale is a somewhat controversial type of betting progression that requires players to double up following each successive loss. The overall goal of a straight Martingale is to win a single bet. The double-up aspect of the bet is meant to keep the player even until they can win the bet and start the progression over.

In this blackjack betting system the suggested buy-in for a $5 table is $500. We can agree that this is a good starting amount, but as we will mention even that may be too little in the CTB Martingale.

How the CTB Martingale Betting Progression Works

Let’s explain the basics of the system straight away.

  • You begin with a bet of 2 units
  • With each win you add 1 unit until you get to a bet of 5 units
  • If you win the 5 unit bet, start over at 2 units
  • If you lose at any point, use a Martingale until you win and then start over with 2 units

Right away you can probably see that this is not the best blackjack betting system for a beginner. It requires the player to track the sequence in addition to the size of the Martingale when losing. It can also be very costly and jack up the size of a bet in just a few short hands.

Let’s take an example. You begin with a 2 unit bet and lose right away. This system now calls for you to Martingale, or double your bet until you win. Your next bet is 4 units. If you lose again, 8 units is the bet. Lose a third time and you’re at 16 units. A fourth losing hand means the next bet is 32 units, or $160 at a $5 table. All just to stay even and try to complete a progression with an ultimate goal of winning a 5 unit bet.

It can be a scary system for a beginner to use. There is just no room here to lose multiple hands in a row, and that can happen easily at the blackjack table. You could lose ten or more hands in a row with ease. Therein lies the great flaw of a Martingale-based blackjack betting system. Lose enough hands in a row and you will no longer be able to double up your bet because of the maximum table limit. At that point you have no way to instantly recoup your bankroll.

The CTB Martingale is Not Basic Blackjack Strategy

If you are going to stick out your neck and use this blackjack betting system despite its obvious flaws, you need to also be using basic blackjack strategy. What is basic strategy? That is a method of play which has been proven over the years to reduce the house edge in blackjack. Basic blackjack strategy is a play for every hand that you can be dealt at the blackjack table. You need to practice it until it is intuitive.

Blackjack betting systems are not the same as a blackjack strategy. They can be used without basic strategy, but this will almost always result in failure. The CTB Martingale is a way of managing your money when you are at the blackjack table.

Can the CTB Martingale Be Used Online?

Even thought this system of blackjack betting has its flaws, we will say that using it online can have some definite advantages. For one, you don’t need a bankroll that is quite so large. You can play the CTB Martingale for as little as $1 per hand at many online casinos. That’s a huge difference when it comes to making those doubled bets after a series of losses.

The online blackjack environment is also good for players that are trying to test and learn more about blackjack betting methods. You may need to try several before you find the one that is right for you. There is no pressure when you play online, either. You just act on your hand when you are ready to do so.

Pros and Cons of the CTB Martingale Blackjack Betting Method

Here is a look at the positive and negatives you may want to consider.


  • Can be used for online blackjack
  • Basic sequence is short
  • Can work good for experienced players


  • Too complex for beginners
  • The Martingale element can result in big bets very quickly
  • Potential for loss is higher than other systems

Our View of the CTB Martingale

We have some immediate opposition to the Martingale aspect in any blackjack betting system. In our opinion, it just doesn’t work. Sooner or later you will not be able to double up as required, and you will lose money. What we can say is that the CTB Martingale blackjack betting system does at least have a smaller progression built in. At the end of the day, it really comes down to what the player prefers.

We have reviewed many other blackjack betting systems on Counting Edge that might be able to work better for you. Be sure to check them out before you sign up with one of our recommended online casinos.

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