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Many players new to blackjack want to find a blackjack betting system that is simple to use. They know they need a plan for money management when playing blackjack online. They also know they are new at the game. The 4231 blackjack betting system is a very simple progression that is similar to the Up and Pull system that we have described on Counting Edge.

Here is our review of the 4231 system. You’ll find out how to use it profitably, what you can expect to win, and also targets for your exit strategy. Remember, no blackjack system can make you a winner unless you have the discipline to walk out when you are ahead. Let’s dive into this 4231 blackjack betting review.

About the 4231 Blackjack Bankroll Management Method

One of the best sources for blackjack betting systems are the various dealer schools that operate in Las Vegas. These schools train blackjack dealers for the major casinos. This system is one recommended by a very popular school, although its specific origins are unknown.

It is basically a straightforward betting progression system that could be used on almost any casino table game. It is advised that you begin at a $5 minimum table if you are playing in a live casino. You can also play online at many casinos for as little as $1 per hand. Our suggestion is that you stick to the 50X the table minimum rule for a starting bankroll. That means you would need $250 to play at a $5 table, or $50 to play at a $1 table online.

The goal with this system would be to make a profit of $100. That might not sound like much, but when you are able to do this over many sessions your bankroll will grow. The 4321 system is structured in such a way that you can play for a while and endure the bad streaks. You do this by pulling back some of your profit when you win.

You can use this blackjack betting progression without any knowledge of card counting. You only need to rely on basic blackjack strategy and making the proper plays for each hand.

How the 4231 Blackjack Betting System Works

The beauty of the 4231 blackjack betting method is that there are only four bets in the progression. Always think in terms of units when you consider a betting system. So, you would begin the progression with 4 units. If you win, the next bet is 2 units. The third bet in the winning sequence is 3 units, and the final bet is 1 unit. If you successfully complete the progression, start over. If you lose any bet in the sequence, start over.

Every time that you complete the 4231 blackjack progression you will have a profit of 10 units. If you are at a $5 table, that is $50. Complete the progression just twice and you have achieved your target of a $100 win. Of course, you may not be able to complete the progression two straight times. If you lose two straight progressions, your loss is also 10 units or $50.

One of the reasons that beginners love to use this progression is simplicity. There is no complicated mathematics to master. There are only four bets in the progression. Even if you were to get lost in the process, just starting back over won’t hurt too bad.

Blackjack Strategy Vs. Blackjack System: How They Differ

Some blackjack players make a mistake when they consider blackjack betting systems. They confuse systems like the 4231 with basic blackjack strategy. You can use any betting system that you want, but you will not be able to win consistently at blackjack unless you know the proper play to make on every hand.

Blackjack strategy came first. It was developed over many years by talented blackjack players who wanted an edge at the game. When you combine the basic strategy with a betting method, you have given yourself a very powerful combination of weapons. Don’t ignore either of these tools. They both have a role to play in the improvement of your blackjack game.

Playing Online Blackjack With the 4231 System

Our opinion is that playing blackjack online today opens up a world of opportunities for the player. You can play at any hour of the day or night without having to leave home. You can also play the games on your phone or tablet. We suggest that you use the 4231 system when you play blackjack online.

It can be costly in a live casino to learn how to use a system. Online blackjack is much different. $50 will buy you hours and hours of play, allowing you to test the system without much risk. You can always switch to a higher limit game when you are ready. There is also less pressure to act when you play online blackjack. Just take your time and play when you are ready.

Pros and Cons of 4231 Blackjack Betting

Here is a look at the positive and negatives you may want to consider.


  • The regression element preserves profit
  • Just four bets to remember
  • Doesn’t require a large bankroll


  • Profit target is lower
  • Just 8 losing bets in a row to start will make a big reduction in the bankroll
  • Can turn into a grind at a table that is neither hot or cold

Our View of the 4231 Bankroll Blackjack System

Of all the blackjack betting systems that we have reviewed, this may be one of the best ones for the beginner. It does not take a lot of practice to remember the betting sequence of 4-2-3-1. With that being said, don’t fall into the obvious trap here and confuse that with 4-3-2-1. We actually did that ourselves are we were evaluating the system.

The 4231 blackjack system is a good online method. It lets you play for a while without risking a lot of money. All you need to do is stay focused and apply basic strategy. You will soon begin to see how progression betting in blackjack can make a big difference.

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