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It is always a good idea to have a plan for blackjack betting before you sit down to play the game. There are many types of progression betting systems, but the 1324 Doubled is one of the easiest for blackjack. If you are wanting a blackjack betting method to use at your favorite online casino, this could be the one for you. Other Blackjack betting systems can be found here.

We’ve put together a guide that will help you better understand the 1324 Doubled blackjack betting method. Be sure to let us know how it worked out for you when you give the system a try.

About the 1324 Doubled

The 1324 Doubled System is believed to have originated in the UK. Online blackjack is very popular in the UK, and the system seems to have evolved from online play. It’s creator is unknown to Counting Edge, but our guess is that the system was developed by an online player because of its simplicity.

Anyone with minimal blackjack experience can play this system. Beginners will love it, although contending with two separate hands might pose a problem for some. The system establishes a firm win goal that is easy enough to achieve with a few small streaks.

The 1324 Doubled would be properly classified as a grinder system of betting. It is not an attempt to make a quick profit. You may have to put in more time with this system to get the desired results. Grinding systems are good for online play because at the online casino you can always find a table, take breaks, and play at your own pace.

Now, let’s take a look at how this simple blackjack betting system works.

How the 1324 Doubled Works

The buy-in for this blackjack betting method is 50 units. It is recommended that you use the system at a $5 or $10 table, but you can play it for smaller stakes if you want to. Having 50 units to begin is necessary because you will be playing two hands at the table.

This is where the 1324 Doubled can get just a little bit confusing. Some players may have limited experience playing two hands in a session. If that is the case for you, choose another money management system for blackjack that you are okay with. The issue for some is that each hand in this system is regarded independently. You’ll have to be tracking both hands and most surely applying different progressions to each.

Your goal is to walk away from the session with a goal of 25-40 units. Some have even been able to double their money when playing this system online. Walking away is up to you. No blackjack system will do you much good if you don’t have the discipline to take a profit and leave.

To use the system you begin with a bet of 1 unit. If this hand wins, press the bet to 3 units. If this bet also wins, go to 2 units. If the third bet succeeds, increase to 4 units. That’s the entire progression. If you lose any of the bets in the sequence, start over. If you win all four bets, start over. Keep grinding in this method until you have achieved the target profit.

Blackjack Strategy Vs. Blackjack System

We are often asked about the difference between a blackjack strategy and a blackjack betting system. The 1324 Doubled has been incorrectly called a strategy, but the correct term is a bankroll and betting management system.

The reason for this differentiation is that strategy should be used to refer to basic blackjack strategy. Basic strategy is a proven approach to playing every single blackjack hand that the player can receive. It does not vary in general, and every successful player uses it. You can, and should, use basic strategy even when you have no plan for betting.

On the other hand, a betting system does not require the use of basic strategy. It would be foolish to use a system without basic strategy, however. No amount of money management is going to help you when you don’t know when to hit, stand, double, or split.

Can You Use the 1324 Doubled Blackjack Betting System Online?

The 1324 Doubled blackjack system is a perfect betting method to use online. In online blackjack you can play two hands the way this system requires without any pressure. You are the only player at the table.

You can also play online blackjack for much less than you would in a live casino. The table minimum for online blackjack can be as little as $1. Your starting bankroll requirement would then be just $50 as opposed to $250 for a $5 table. Your win goal will also be lower, but there is less risk.

Also remember that many online casinos give new players a matching bonus on their first deposit. Good luck finding a live casino that will do that.

Pros and Cons

It is now time to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the 1234 Doubled betting system.


  • Very simple to use
  • Moderate bankroll requirements
  • Modest win goal means a better chance of success


  • Requires the player to play two hands
  • Is a grinding system that means playing longer sessions
  • Not enough action for the experienced player

Our View of the 1324 Doubled

This is a system for those who want to pare down bankroll management at blackjack to its simplest terms. There are just four bets in the progression. There are no complicated mathematics to track. Just plug it in when you play blackjack online and you will have a viable system of betting that improves your chance to win.

With that being said, the big player may not have the patience for the 1324 Doubled. It is a grind, and high stakes players don’t want to grind. They want to bet big and win big in a hurry. We have reviewed other systems which might be able to unlock bigger profits, but these are more risky.

If you are ready to give this blackjack system a try, we suggest one of our recommended online casinos for real money. You can play blackjack on a computer, phone, or tablet right from the comfort of your own home.

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