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AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is becoming a reality on a grand scale. It has affected many industries, and online gambling is no exception. AI could soon change the way you play online blackjack and online gambling games for real money. The next ten years could provide some surprising developments for AI and online gambling.

A revolution could be coming for the online casino industry. Some of the changes may not be attractive for players, and that is usually the case when an online casino begins to implement new systems. On the other hand, AI may give online blackjack players the ability to find new exploits. Here are a few examples of how AI could change online gambling.

Improved Customer Service at Online Casinos with AI

A challenge that all online casinos face is providing customer service. Many online casinos now offer live chat, but this can be expensive. Casinos must pay operators to provide live chat as well as answer customer support emails. AI could offer casinos a way to offer virtual assistance in real time at a fraction of what it cost to pay employees.

Truthfully, many businesses online have been doing this very thing for years. Website visitors think they are chatting with a live representative when actually a bot is doing the work. At the moment this technology may be limited, but it could explode in the future. An AI rep to help with deposit and withdrawal issues or other concerns of the online gambler could be just a few years away.

AI Can Help to Detect Cheating at Online Blackjack and Other Games

Cheating at blackjack is an ever-present threat to online casinos. Many casinos today boast of their provably fair business models. While regulatory groups oversee the casinos themselves, no one is overseeing those who play at the casino. Some argue that anything is capable of being cheated, and that includes casino game software.

What is interesting about this possible application of AI and online gambling is the way in which it might be used to spot online card counters. Now that live dealer online blackjack games are beginning to appear at many casinos, card counting is back in play. With a virtual version of blackjack that uses a RNG, counting cards becomes impossible. A fresh deck of cards is used after every hand. In live dealer online blackjack games the cards are dealt from a shoe just like they are in a live casino. That means card counting is a possibility.

AI could possibly be used to look for patterns in a player’s actions. Patterns can sometimes be a dead giveaway when it comes to card counters. AI could be used to trigger red flags and prompt observation of how a player responds in online blackjack.

Spotting Gambling Problems with AI

Many live casinos have numerous measures in place to deal with players who may have a gambling problem. You might think that casinos want to welcome players who are addicted to gambling, and that is probably true on some level. Still, to maintain an ethical appearance, online and live casinos have to offer some assistance when it comes to problem gambling.

Artificial intelligence in online casinos might be able to identify a problem gambler. The player could then be offered subtle assistance from the casino in many forms. AI could even allow players to block themselves from playing at an online casino.

In reality, this application of AI for online casinos could be far-fetched. Liability is a real issue, though, and it is becoming an even bigger issue in this day and age. Lawsuits have been initiated over far less, and AI could help to protect the casino from being held responsible if someone gambles away the family nest egg.

Analyzing Player Data

Collecting player data has always been a big deal for live and online casinos. The more player data a casino can obtain, the better it can target games and promotions to players. It can also use data to determine which times of day are most profitable, and which games are failing to perform.

Think of this in terms of blackjack. The casino would be at an advantage if it knew which specific blackjack games were generating the most profit. Knowing the length of time that players spend on a single session of online blackjack could be useful, and so could the amount each player loses or wins on average.

The concerning part of this is determining where a line has been crossed. Is it ethical for an online casino to look for certain types of data? What if AI were used to create bots that interact with players in the hopes of gaining information?

Could AI Open the Door to Computer Competition?

Players that play blackjack in an online casino are competing against the house. In other games like poker, players compete against one another. There have been instances where AI bots have been used to compete against players. Imagine playing a game of poker against a bot that always makes the correct decision.

The interesting thing here is that AI might be used to create a type of “competition” for online blackjack players. Have you ever been in a live casino when a certain player begins to make very bad decisions at the blackjack table? Perhaps they are splitting tens and taking the dealer’s bust card. Believe it or not, live casinos have been known to send players like this to a blackjack table in the hopes of stopping a player’s lucky streak.

In theory, AI could be used to do the same thing in live dealer blackjack games online. No one can dispute that casinos are always looking for an edge.

One thing is certain. Many will be watching to see how AI can change online gambling. They may not have to wait long to see these changes begin to appear.

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