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✔️ USA Players Welcome

The dream of many blackjack players is to move to Las Vegas and play blackjack for a living. It can be a tough job, but the rewards can be huge. Imagine living the life of your dreams in Sin City while you soak up the sun, enjoy the nightlife, and play blackjack for real money.

Did you know that it is possible for you to pad your blackjack bankroll while you are staying in Las Vegas by using Craigslist? There are many opportunities that appear in this vast online classified advertising platform. Counting Edge has scanned some of the frequent gigs that are posted on Las Vegas Craigslist to give you some innovative ideas for making blackjack money.

Become a Casino Games Tester in Las Vegas

The live casinos in Las Vegas are always introducing new gambling games to the betting public. Before these games can be played live in a casino they must undergo hours and hours of testing to make sure that the game is profitable for the casinos involved.

We spotted this ad recently on Craigslist:

This particular ad showcases a job opportunity where individuals are invited to parties which feature new slot machines. Those who attend are allowed to play the games and earn money for their participation. The compensation can be anywhere between $10 and $200 for a single evening. That is a lot of blackjack bankroll money.

Let’s face it. A lot of blackjack players like to play slot machines anyway. Slots don’t have the best odds, so why not play them with someone else’s money? When you are also getting paid for doing so, even better. You can potentially increase the amount of money that you earn when you take the funds to the blackjack table where you are a skilled player.

Entertainment Jobs on Las Vegas Craigslist

Can you sing? Do you have some other talent that might be appealing to one of the many casinos or lounges in the Las Vegas area? Check this out:

The above ad also proves that you don’t even have to have a talent to pick up some extra blackjack money in Las Vegas. You may be able to get a job driving a moving truck or loading furniture. But if you can play an instrument and sing a song you might have a nice way to pad your pockets.

The smaller casinos in Las Vegas have a hard time competing with the bigger venues when it comes to entertainment. They cannot afford to hire the big superstars. Instead, these casinos rely on local entertainment to please their guests. Many of them pay handsomely for a single night of work.

Las Vegas is Expensive!

One drawback to living in Las Vegas is that it can be very expensive. Housing is costly, and managing food and utilities can also be tough. If you intend on making it as a professional blackjack player you should be prepared to properly manage your living expenses.Use Craigslist Las Vegas To Build Y

Supplementing your blackjack income is important, especially in your early days of living in Las Vegas. It is unlikely that you will be able to create the lifestyle that you want to live when you are just starting out. We know gamblers that have moved to Las Vegas with a very simple goal. They started out wanting to make just $100 per day.

There is some good news. Las Vegas has a very nice mass transit system, so you probably won’t require a car. In fact, a car can be a burden in some respects. You can ride the city bus routes at all hours of the day and night for just a few dollars each day.

You can also take advantage of casino loyalty programs that will reward you with discounts on meals and other perks. Just realize that the casino uses player loyalty cards to track your play and monitor what you are doing at the casino.

With a little help from Craigslist Las Vegas you could be well on your way to financing your professional blackjack career! All it takes is a little patience to sort through the ads and the willingness to work.


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