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Are you a fan of blackjack and intrigued by the excitement of Las Vegas? We have a thrilling story that will make you think twice about where you choose to enjoy your favorite casino games. At countingedge.com, we bring you the best online blackjack experiences, free from the risks associated with traditional casinos.

In a recent incident at Caesars Palace on the Vegas Strip, a man attending a conference in Las Vegas experienced a night he would rather forget. After a winning streak at the blackjack table that left him $125,000 richer, his luck took a turn for the worse. He encountered two individuals who would ultimately cost him not only his winnings but also a valuable Rolex watch worth $20,000.

Coriana Singleton, 29, and Marriah Vanderwaal, 32, are now facing charges of grand larceny and burglary for their alleged involvement in the incident. This type of scheme, known as ‘trick rolling,’ is a term used by certain individuals in the nightlife industry to describe stealing from unsuspecting victims.

The victim, in this case, had been enjoying a night of blackjack with his colleagues when he cashed out his substantial winnings. Little did he know that his fortune would soon take a drastic turn. As he exited the casino, he encountered the two alleged culprits. Unfortunately, due to his state of inebriation, he couldn’t recall inviting them to his room. He later woke up to a shocking discovery: his money and Rolex were gone, and his memories of the night were hazy at best.

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Law enforcement used surveillance footage to identify Singleton and Vanderwaal, who had spent a mere 15 minutes in the victim’s room before making their escape. They were eventually tracked down and arrested. However, it remains unclear whether the stolen money and Rolex were recovered during the investigation.

Coriana Singleton, a repeat offender, faces an additional charge of conspiracy to commit grand larceny, while Marriah Vanderwaal faces residential burglary charges in addition to larceny charges. Both are currently in custody at the Clark County Detention Center and are scheduled for court appearances on October 30 2023.

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