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✔️ USA Players Welcome

Those who wish to gamble in a live casino or play casino games online for real money should be aware of gambling age restrictions. These restrictions can vary according to country. They can even be different from one specific location to another in some territories. Here’s a gambling age guide that will help you remain in compliance as you play at your preferred casino.

Gambling Age – Online Casinos Vs. Live Casinos

Legal Gambling Age

The first thing to understand about the legal age for gambling online or live i

s that it is a complex subject. Each state or country has its own regulations. In some areas these regulations can apply throughout the entire geographic region, both online in live. In others it can vary according to gambling type.

It is your responsibility to know what the rules are where you have chosen to play. If you are underage according to the local laws, ignorance will not likely be accepted as an excuse. You might think that concealing your age is possible, and you may even get away with it. Just know that the risk of getting caught is high, and the consequences can be harsh.

18 is the age at which some jurisdictions allow individuals to make bets at an online casino or online horse betting site. However, in the United States and other western countries it is far more common to encounter 21 as the legal age. As we will see, this can vary depending upon the type of gambling one chooses to do. It can also be different if you are playing live or online.

USA Gambling Age

In the United States it is common to find the most variance in gambling age laws. This is because states are often allowed to craft their own legislation for gambling activities. The age for gambling in the USA ranges from 18-21. Some states do not permit online or live gambling in any circumstance regardless of an individual’s age.

States that restrict most gambling for all individuals include:

  • Georgia
  • South Carolina

Other states such as Alaska and Hawaii have only just begun to legalize some forms of gambling. In these states 21 is the norm for casino gambling. Those who wish to play bingo or bet on horse racing may do so at 18 in some cases.

When it comes to other states, the age limit for live and online casino gambling is 21 years old. In the USA online casinos are regulated by each state and must be connected to a live casino which operates within the state’s borders.

The 21 age limit also applies to most online sports books. The exception are many of the online horse betting sites which allow players to wager when they are 18 years old.

Canadian Gambling Age

The guidelines for minimum gambling age in Canada are very similar to those in the United States. Most live casinos are operated on tribal lands and require players to be 21 years of age or older. In Canada there is a gambling commission which is tasked with making and enforcing gambling age requirements.

Gambling Age in Europe

Europe is among the more liberal countries when it comes to gambling. In most European countries it is allowed for individuals to gamble when they are 18 years old. In some areas such as Denmark and Estonia, the minimum age is 16.

You will find some European countries which are more strict. In Sweden one must be 20 years old to gamble, and in Germany the age is set at 21. In Portugal local citizens must be 25 years old to play live casino games!

The age limits in Europe generally apply to all forms of gambling across the board. Online casinos are also expected to comply with the restrictions that are established.

Gambling Age in UK

The UK has a long history of gambling. It requires its citizens and visitors to be 18 years old before they can place a bet with a bookie or with a live casino. This age limit is applicable to most types of gambling with one notable exception. The lottery and various football pools can be played at 16 years old.

India Gambling Age

You might think that India would have some of the toughest laws around when it comes to gambling live and online. You would be right. 21 is the standard for most types of gambling in India. This includes both live and online casinos. However, online casinos are only permitted in a couple of regions in the country.

Oceania Gambling Age – New Zealand and Australia

Australia has strict laws for online and live gambling. It is generally only permitted for individuals to bet on sports or lotteries. The minimum age to do so is 21.

In New Zealand individuals have to be 20 years old to play, and there are more types of gambling available to the player.

Online Casino Loopholes and Gambling Age

In many places where online gambling is technically not allowed, individuals choose to play with an online casino that is located offshore. This can sometimes provide a loophole for those who are under the legal age in their local areas.

Online casinos use a variety of methods to determine whether or not someone is of legal age to play gambling games. These methods are not always foolproof. We would advise you to proceed with caution if you are underage in your area. Understand the risks and the consequences before you decide to play.

Gambling Age FAQ

How old do I have to be to gamble in a live casino?

In many live casinos throughout the world you will need to be 18 to play the games. In the United States the age is usually 21.

How old do I have to be to play in an online casino?

This varies according to each country. As a rule, 18 is the norm.

What is the gambling age in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas you will need to be 21 years old and have a valid ID to enter a live casino for the purpose of gambling.

Why is the gambling age different for online horse racing betting sites?

Horse racing betting falls under the category of parimutuel wagering. In this type of betting the players compete against one another. The age is lower because bettors are not playing against the house.

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