Renowned Hall of Famer Derek Jeter established the Turn 2 Foundation with a mission to inspire youth to embrace healthy lifestyles through the principle of “Turn 2”. Launched in 1996 by Jeter and his father, Dr. Charles, the foundation has been a leading force in orchestrating diverse charity initiatives aimed at securing funds to support their objectives.

In alignment with their mission, the Turn 2 Foundation has revealed the upcoming dates for their highly anticipated annual Blackjack Tournament Weekend, scheduled to unfold from April 12 to April 14.

“We’re thrilled to unveil Derek Jeter’s Blackjack Tournament Weekend, proudly presented by Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood, set to dazzle from April 12 to 14. Prepare for an unforgettable experience filled with live entertainment, all while supporting Turn 2’s hallmark programs dedicated to empowering youth to achieve their greatest aspirations.”

In 1996, during Derek Jeter’s rookie year, he and his father, a renowned alcohol abuse counselor, joined forces to establish the Turn 2 Foundation with the aim of steering individuals away from substance abuse, particularly drugs. Dr. Charles Jeter’s expertise in helping individuals overcome addiction served as the foundation’s guiding principle.

Recognizing the pivotal role of inspiring young people to surmount adversity in realizing their potential, Derek and his father made this their focal point within Turn 2. Since its inception, the non-profit organization has been instrumental in guiding youth from regions including New York, West Michigan, and Tampa, Florida, toward healthier lifestyles.

Over its 25-year history, Turn 2 has contributed over $34 million, supporting both its core programs and affiliated organizations aligned with its mission. The foundation’s commitment to empowering youth to make positive choices and lead fulfilling lives remains unwavering.

Mission Statement of Turn 2 Foundation: [Turn 2 Foundation is dedicated to crafting and bolstering signature programs and initiatives that inspire youth to eschew drugs and alcohol, opting instead for healthy lifestyles encapsulated by the ethos of “Turn 2.” With a focus on fostering academic excellence, cultivating leadership skills, and encouraging positive behavior, the foundation endeavors to provide avenues that nurture personal growth and achievement.

At the heart of Turn 2’s mission is the aspiration to witness the participants of its programs navigate safely and triumphantly into adulthood, equipped with the tools and mindset to emerge as tomorrow’s leaders]

To fulfill its mission, Turn 2 employs a multifaceted approach:

  1. Guidance and Support: Turn 2 provides mentorship and resources to steer youth away from drugs and alcohol, promoting healthier lifestyle choices.
  2. Financial Assistance: The foundation extends financial support to organizations and charities aligned with its mission, facilitating initiatives aimed at combating substance abuse among youth.
  3. Social Media Advocacy: Leveraging Derek Jeter’s influential social media presence, Turn 2 amplifies its message and advocates for its cause, reaching a broader audience and inspiring positive change.
  4. Scholarship Programs: Turn 2 offers scholarships to deserving youth, incentivizing academic excellence and motivating them to strive for success.

Through these strategic endeavors, Turn 2 endeavors to empower youth to embrace a path of sobriety, academic achievement, and leadership, ensuring they are equipped to thrive and make meaningful contributions to society.

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