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Here at Counting Edge we love blackjack betting systems. We especially like to find one that we haven’t seen before, and one that can be used when playing blackjack online for real money. Such is the case with the Double Fisted Grinder Blackjack System. Here’s a closer look.

What is the Double Fisted Grinder?

The Double Fisted Grinder, also known as the Two Fisted Grinder, is a blackjack money management system. It was developed by individuals at the Casino Education Group Dealer School in Las Vegas. The school helps trains individuals in Las Vegas who want to have a career as a blackjack dealer.

This is what is known as a positive progression betting system. That means you are increasing bets when winning. The system also allows you to reduce bets or keep them at a minimum when losing. Additionally, this is a blackjack betting system that adds a way of breaking even.

We recommend using a betting system when you are playing blackjack online or in a live casino. Counting Edge has reviewed several of them. The best betting systems are those which will help you to have a plan and minimize losses during a single blackjack session.

The Difference Between Betting Systems and Basic Blackjack Strategy

Do not confuse the Double Fisted Grinder betting progression with basic blackjack strategy. The two are very different. Basic blackjack strategy refers to the general way in which players decisions are approached in blackjack.

You can use blackjack basic strategy with or without a blackjack betting system. The two are not dependent upon one another. It is also important to remember that using basic blackjack strategy can improve your results with a positive betting progression. Using a betting progression will not improve your grasp of basic strategy.

Try to think of the Two Fisted Grinder as a tool in your blackjack toolbox, or as a weapon in your arsenal. It is not something that can be used alone to beat the game of blackjack. It is a means to an end, and that end is making a profit.

Using the Double Fisted Grinder at Blackjack

Now we will take a closer look at the system and how it is used in actual practice. As we mentioned earlier, you can use the system in either a live or an online blackjack casino.

For this system there is a recommended buy-in of $500. You will be playing at a table that has a $5 minimum wager. In this case, the ratio is 100X the minimum bet. If you decide to use the system at higher levels, increase your bankroll as necessary.

The player begins by making a bet of two units ($10) on each of two spots. Hence the name, Two Fisted Grinder. This is the starting point of the progression.

If the player wins both hands, the bet is increased on each hand by 1 unit. So, the player would wager three units on the next hand for both spots.

If the player loses one of the two hands, he or she has broken even. The same bet is replaced on the losing hand with the profit earned from the winning hand.

If both hands are lost, the player begins the progression over again. The starting wager is two units on each spot.

This progression continues until the player has exhausted the current shoe or achieved a winning session of $500. Online, there is no shoe unless the player is playing live dealer blackjack. In that case the player should cease play when they have reached a predetermined loss limit.

The basic goal of the Double Fisted Grinder blackjack betting system is for the player to double their money. It is a slow system, and that is why it is referred to as grinding.

Double Fisted Grinder Pros and Cons

Every blackjack betting system has its owns pros and cons. The same can be said for this one.

Pros include:

  • Works to limit losses
  • Can be used online
  • Great if you need to kill time while gambling but don’t want to lose a lot
  • Can help beginners learn progression betting with little risk
  • Takes advantage of swings

The big advantage of this betting system is that it looks to capitalize on streaks. It is very possible to reach the stated win goal of $500 in a very short period of time when you are able to string together several winning hands in a row.

Cons are:

  • It is a grinding system, meaning it can take hours to achieve a profit
  • It requires a larger starting bankroll
  • Doesn’t integrate card counting

By far the biggest problem of the system is its grinding component. Some people just do not have the patience to put such a system in play. At Counting Edge we have always suggested slow progressions, small-ball blackjack, and grinding as a reliable way to make blackjack profits.

We would suggest using the Double Fisted Grinder online at one of our recommended online casinos for real money. You can play for just $1 per hand. That means a starting bankroll of just $100. You can get free bonus money when you sign up, and games are available on your computer, phone, or tablet.

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