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If you are playing blackjack in an online or an offline casino the job of the house is to take your money. They will try to take it in any way that they can. The casino also knows that there are some very smart blackjack players out there who are very capable of beating the house. These blackjack players know all the tricks of the trade.

Blackjack players can also turn to Counting Edge for blackjack tips that will help them win. The casino specifically hates some of the tips we might give to players. We have compiled a list of 10 blackjack tips the casino doesn’t want you to know.

1 – Casinos Aren’t Always Watching for Card Counters

The professional blackjack card counter is one of the greatest threats to the casino. A person who is skilled in the art of card counting can take a casino for thousands of dollars. Here at Counting Edge we teach you how to count cards so you can be that person.

We also teach you that casinos are always trying to catch card counters in the act. If you get caught for counting you could be banned from the casino. What the casinos do not want you to know is that they are not always able to spot card counters with their Eye in the Sky surveillance team. Why? Because the casino is too big.

The surveillance operatives who monitor the video screens in the back of the casino are ultimately responsible for the safety of the entire casino. They can’t strictly be watching for card counters all the time. This means that there will be times when it is more advantageous for the card counter to play live blackjack. When are those times? The busiest days in the casino.

When the casino is very busy it is harder for the security team to narrow their focus to a blackjack table. Of course, this also means that the table limits will be much higher. If you are a good counter the higher limits should not bother you.

2 – Play Head to Head with the Dealer for a Better Chance to Win

There are some professional blackjack players who never sit down to a session of blackjack when there are multiple players at the table. This is a wise move. You should always try to play head to head blackjack with the dealer whenever you can.

The reason for this is that other blackjack players at the table can make poor decisions that affect everyone’s outcome. That includes you. You don’t want all of your hard work playing blackjack wrecked because you sat down with someone who ignores basic blackjack strategy.

One way that you can always play head to head blackjack against the dealer is to play blackjack online. The majority of online blackjack games involve a virtual version of the game that does not have more than one player.

3 – Play Online Blackjack for a Fairer Chance

Speaking of online blackjack, you might also want to play online just because the game can be fairer. The virtual games of blackjack that you will find online are purely random. At most online casinos the games must be certified every so often as provably fair. This means that anyone should be able to examine the results of the game to determine if those results are random.

When you are playing a game of blackjack in a live casino there is a human element involved. Because of this you must always consider the fact that things aren’t being done in a fair manner. Why take that chance when you don’t have to?

Of course, cheating can also happen in online casinos. To avoid this we suggest that you stick with our list of recommended online casinos. We always choose ones that have a reputation for fairness.

4 – Dealers are Human and Make Mistakes

Being able to spot a weak dealer in a live casino can be a huge advantage to the player. The casino really doesn’t want you to know that some dealers can be sloppy. A bad dealer is one that may reveal a hole card on occasion. They may even be prone to pay out the wrong amounts on winning wagers. If you decide to take advantage of this type of dealer, do so at your own risk.

The problem is that some of these dealers can be in cahoots with the casino. They may be making their mistakes on purpose. Some players may note this and think that the dealer is helping them to win. This never happens. Think about it. Would you risk the job you are able to go to each day for a $100 profit once? Not likely.

5 – Go Play Live Blackjack on Slow Days

At Counting Edge we do think blackjack better played online. Still, you may be one of those fans of old school blackjack that likes to play it in a live casino. If you are going to do this and you are not counting cards, play the game on the slowest days of the week in the live casino.

Why? Because the table minimums will be lower when you play live blackjack at these times. If you go on a busy weekend you can expect the table minimums to be two or three times as high as they are when it is slow. If you are an inexperienced player you will be forced to risk more than you might be comfortable playing.

6 – Play Multiple Hands of Online Blackjack at the Same Time

A good tip when playing online blackjack for real money is to play more than one hand of  blackjack at a time. You can play as many as three or four hands when playing online, and the minimum bet for each hand is often as low as $1.

Only those who have a strong mastery of basic blackjack strategy should think about playing more than one hand of online blackjack at a time. If you are a poor player you will only compound things when you play multiple hands.

7 – Use Your Comps as Money

Many blackjack players will tell you that comps in the casino are as good as blackjack profits. In fact, you should factor the comps you receive into your overall winnings. The smartest blackjack players know how to turn those comps into actual money when they play live blackjack.

You might be able to save $20 when you use a comp for a meal. Maybe $100 when you use your comp for a hotel room. That is money that you do not have to take from your own pocket, and the money can be used to pad your blackjack bankroll.

8 – Always Ask About Surrender

Surrender is still one of the most powerful of all blackjack rules for the player. Did you know that many live casinos and even some online casinos still offer surrender as an option? But few of them will list it on the blackjack table. You will have to ask if surrender is available.

In surrender you are allowed to give up half of your bet after you have seen the upcard of the dealer. That is a huge advantage for you and one that you should use every chance you can.

9 – Choose Live Dealer Online Blackjack Games

Recently it has become popular for many online casinos to offer live dealer blackjack. You should definitely think about this version of the game online. The reason is that a live dealer blackjack game will often give you the opportunity to count cards. That can make you a very big winner in the game of online blackjack.

Many casinos that are recommended by Counting Edge offer a live dealer version of the game. Always check back with us to see any new casinos that we have reviewed for you to use.

10 – Use a Blackjack Betting System

Finally, you need to be using some type of blackjack betting system when you are playing the game of blackjack online. To sit down without some type of betting plan is the best way to lose your bankroll quickly.

Here at Counting Edge we have reviewed and explained most of the top blackjack betting systems. You can check them all out and use the one that works best for you. To play real money blackjack we recommend that you try one of the recommended casinos to play blackjack, many of which are iphone casinos. You can read the Roaring 21 review to name a few.

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