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At Counting Edge we sometimes present information on gambling activities other than blackjack. We recently became aware of a sports betting resource that is very popular in Sweden. Rekatochklart is more than just a website about sports betting. It is a hub which supports an entire community of sports bettors in Sweden.

Rekat och Klart

Sports betting is popular throughout the world. Billions of dollars are wagered each year on professional and collegiate sporting events worldwide. Here is a closer look at Rekatochklart.com and what this community has to offer.

What is Rekatochklart.com?

The idea behind Rekat o klart is simple. A group of six people with an interesting in gaming and sports betting decided to create a community resource for sports bettors. They drew upon existing models of message boards where individuals could discuss sports wagering, but they took the concept farther.

Instead of just allowing bettors to discuss among themselves, the team at Rekatochklart also incorporated sports betting information and advice. Reviews and links to online sportsbooks were added. Articles were created on various subjects related to betting, and some picks were even offered.

The forum aspect as retained as well, giving individuals a chance to gather and discuss their favorite sports teams and methods of betting. Since its creation in 2008, Rekatochklart has developed a loyal following. Thousands of visitors each month participate in discussions and read the expert advice and analysis of the writers on the site.

How Rekat och klart Changed the Model of Many Betting Websites

Sports betting websites come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them exist purely to attract visitors and benefit from affiliate programs, while others provide access to picks from handicappers. It is not uncommon for many of these websites to charge a fee for access to picks. Rekatochklart decided to make its services free to all players.

The website is upfront in letting visitors know that affiliate commissions may be earned when visitors join promoted sportsbooks. This is the only way that the Rekatochklart platform benefits from the actions of the community. Visitors on the site are free to use the forum and other resources at no cost as much as they like.

A Team of Sports Betting and Gaming Experts

One of the things that sets Rekatochklart.com apart is its team of industry experts. The editorial staff and writers at the site have vast experience in the sports betting industry. The handicappers who provide picks and contribute articles on sports betting angles are proven professionals with verifiable credentials.

There are about ten full-time writers that work for the website. What one will find is that the experts have been chosen to cover the widest possible areas of interest. You will find some that are skilled in making sports betting picks. Others have knowledge in how to find the best welcome bonuses at online sportsbooks. Some are experts at analysis of the changing landscape of online sports betting.

Investing in the best possible people for its platform has paid dividends from the company. Many awards have been granted to Rekatochklart during its existence for excellence in the field of sports betting. This would not have happened without the presence of a talented and informed staff.

Rekatochklart.com Is a Social Network for Swedish Sports Bettors

A core feature of the website is its sports betting forum and message boards. Klotterplanket allows members of the site to discuss sports betting on each day of the year at all hours of the day and night. The forum is described as the backbone of Rekatochklart.com.

The forum is similar to any type of message board system you may be familiar with. Users can create their own threads and respond to the threads that have been created by others. Most of the topics center around the opinions of members about betting angles and betting suggestions.

This gives the site a social media type aspect. This is something that isn’t typically found on sites that promote online gambling activities. Users seem to like the ability to discuss their bets with other bettors in real time. Of course, there is the standard amount of bragging among winners. Moderators do a good job of keeping out the troublemakers and trolls.

There is an emphasis at Rekatochklart on mobile devices and platforms. The site is compatible with mobile phones and tablets. This is wise because many sports bettors and online gambling fans are using their mobile devices today for betting and reading about gambling.

Counting Edge recommends Rekatochklart for all sports bettors in Sweden. This website has the potential to improve your ability to win at sports betting.

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