We’ve all been there. While playing blackjack online we hit a brutal losing streak and get frustrated. The blackjack player in a recent video, however, was literally besides himself as he watched a $19,000 bankroll disappear into thin air after just a few hands of online blackjack. The video is incredibly funny, but it also serves the purpose of illustrating what NOT to do when playing blackjack. This player pretty much breaks every rule of winning blackjack in just under nine minutes.

It was just an average day when this player decided to stream his online blackjack session for all the world to see. It seems that he was very proud of his massive $19,000 bankroll and wanted to show off his blackjack expertise. Whether he intended to give a lesson on how to win at online blackjack or just brag about his own skills is unclear. As things turned out, the player didn’t have time to do anything but watch in shock as his money vanished.

Playing at an online casino with a live dealer, the player begins by wagering huge amounts of his total bankroll on each hand. He is betting $2,000 and more. Within less than five minutes he has lost $9,000. It is almost painful to watch him be dealt an 11 and double his bet, only to have the dealer draw out to push or win. If you have ever seen the movie Vegas Vacation, you will be reminded of Clark Griswold’s blackjack sessions. This poor guy just can’t win.

Then, he gets lucky! In pure desperation he shoves out a big $5,000 bet and wins. Now that he is back to $10,000 of his original bankroll, surely he will walk away and reflect on his mistakes. Nope. He is determined to go big or go broke and bets again.

He went broke.  Now, let’s put this in perspective. $19,000 will:

  • Buy a pretty good car.
  • Pay the rent on a modest apartment for a year.
  • Equals a weekly salary of $365.38 for a year.
  • Give you a $500 bankroll for 38 sessions of blackjack.

Clearly, this young blackjack player has a lot of money to blow or he just doesn’t get the value of a dollar. From the moment he starts to play, his mistakes are obvious. If he had been reading Counting Edge, he would have known what those mistakes were and how to fix them.

For starters, the player should not have wagered more than 20% of his total bankroll on a single session. That means he should have been putting only $3800 in play. Now, let’s take that further. We advise that you need a bankroll of 50X the table minimum in order to play. This means that the player was covered up to a bet of $75 per hand according to the Counting Edge System. He’s betting way more than that, and betting foolishly. At one point the player has a bet of $5,000 on the table when he only has $10,000 total. It is never wise to bet 50% of your bankroll on a single hand.

Another mistake he makes is the failure to control his emotions. After losing he becomes nervous and agitated. This is known in the poker world as going “on tilt.” When your emotions are in disarray, it will be almost impossible for you to make the proper play at the blackjack table. You will be playing with your heart and not your head.

Finally, the player doesn’t know when to walk away. After scoring a big win on a $5,000 bet, the player has a chance to take his remaining $10,000, walk away, and lick his wounds. It would be much better to come back later in a better frame of mind. Many players just can’t do this, and wind up sabotaging themselves. It is almost as if they want to lose.

While we can all appreciate the humorous side of this video, it’s probably something you should bookmark and watch often as a reminder of how things can go sour at the blackjack table if you aren’t disciplined and refuse to stick to a plan.

Here is the Video, Enjoy! Don’t forget to check out the counting edge blackjack system